About Us

EdNET Insight: The Trusted Source of Market Intelligence

EdNET Insight is the K-12 education industry's premier market intelligence service, combining the proven power of research and analysis with recognized industry experts to deliver an insightful, comprehensive view of the trends and influences that are shaping the education market today-and tomorrow.

The EdNET Insight Team

The foundation of EdNET Insight is a team of experienced industry experts focused on helping your business succeed.

Anne Wujcik, EdNET Senior Analyst

Anne has been a leading voice in education research for over 25 years and serves as editor of the industry-leading EdNET News Alert, MDR’s weekly e-newsletter, since its inception over two decades ago. She is a trusted consultant for policy and strategic plans and an effective market researcher with strong focus group skills. Anne builds on a commitment to education that started in the classroom. She provides significant insight and guidance to members of this service.

Vicki Smith Bigham, EdNET Conference/EdNET Insight Events Manager
President, Bigham Technology Solutions, Inc.

Vicki has an extensive background in educational technology, with over 40 years’ experience in public and private school education as a teacher, software developer, school administrator, university professor, and industry consultant. In her consulting work, she manages a wide variety of product development, training, meeting planning, and marketing projects in the edtech community. She manages the annual EdNET Conference, sponsored by MDR, and serves as EdNET Insight Events Manager.


What You Get With EdNET Insight

EdNET Insight is an information service for companies in the K-12 education industry, developed in response to the industry's need for trusted information, analysis, and insight into trends and opportunities in the industry.

Anchored by the annual State of the K-12 Market report, EdNET Insight subscribers receive a broad range of services:

  • Industry reports based upon rigorous primary research and filled with insightful analysis of trends in the education industry
  • Unbiased, actionable information for allocating resources, assessing risks and opportunities, tactical and strategic planning

To learn more about EdNET Insight, visit schooldata.com/ednet-insight/.