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The Changing Roles of Teachers

From the Editor

Anne Wujcik, EditorEducation Next released the 2017 Poll on School Reform, its 11th annual survey of a representative sample of the American public. The 2017 Education Next survey, conducted in May and June of this year, polled more than 4,200 respondents, including oversamples of parents and teachers. The web site includes an interactive tool that allows users to view answer trends over 11 years. This is an interesting poll. For some questions, the researchers divide respondents randomly into two (or more) groups and ask each group a slightly different version of the same question, allowing for a more nuanced view of public opinion. This year, for example, one group of respondents were told about President Trump's position on an issue while the other group was not, allowing the researchers to estimate the "Trump effect" on public thinking.

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Voice from the Industry

Peter Bencivenga, Chief Academic Officer, IO EducationAssessments: From Compliance to Instruction

During my 20 years of teaching, the use of assessments was for compliance only: give a test, get a grade, and inform students and parents of a passing or failing grade. After working with advancing assessment systems for the last 10 years it’s clear district needs regarding formative assessment systems have changed from compliance to instruction.

Administrators and educators now depend on technology-based assessments to better implement their long-term plans. For industry leaders, there are four important things to know regarding:

  • Assessing
  • Reporting
  • Communicating
  • Action

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She Snoops for Scoops: The Personal Side of the EdNET Community

Vicki Smith BighamLet's hear it for the end of another week as we prepare for the weekend. The Snoop has her hair on fire as our team works to bring you the best EdNET ever, but I always have time to gather and share the scoops with you too so please read on for your weekly dose now....

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The 2017 EdNext Poll-on Public Opinion about Education

The 2017 Education Next annual survey of American public opinion on education shows public support for charter schools has dropped, even as opposition to school vouchers and tax credits for private-school scholarships has declined. Opposition to the Common Core State Standards seems to have finally leveled off. When the "Common Core" name is not mentioned, support for the same standards across states rises among both Democrats and Republicans. Meanwhile, support for the federal role in education policy has waned. This year's poll also finds that President Trump's policy preferences widen the partisan divide on issues such as charter schools, Common Core, tax credits, and merit pay for teachers.

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MDR K-12 Market Research Surveys U.S. Curriculum Directors on Educational Materials Trends

MDR just released its third research report for the State of the K-12 Market 2016-2017 series. The report, Educational Materials Trends, closely examines shifts in U.S. K-12 instructional priorities and initiatives in light of rapid technology acceleration and advancements to address these emerging trends: • transition to more digital instructional and curricular materials, • innovative ways to enhance teaching and learning anywhere and anytime, and • the growing proliferation of computing devices preferred by students. Based on a national survey of U.S. district curriculum directors, the report offers practical and competitive advice for vendors and suppliers who sell products, services, and consumer goods to U.S. schools and educators. In the survey research, over 60% of curriculum directors said they wanted more evidence of product efficacy. Nearly as many said they are looking for digital instructional materials that are compatible with multiple computing devices.

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