From the Editor

Anne Wujcik, EditorI don't remember the last time I saw so many announcements come out of the annual ISTE conference. There were a lot of new companies and organizations represented and I've tried to cast as broad a net as possible, but know I've missed things. I've posted some things only to the web site - mostly things not related to new/updated products and services, so this would be a good week to just click through to the web site, where you will be able to see everything, along with a brief summary that should help you decide if you want to dive deeper.
Both Google and Amazon got a lot of attention at ISTE this year. Google has been courting the school market for some time now, both with Google Apps for Education and Google Classroom. Amazon Inspire is Amazon's first formal focus on the school market.

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Voice from the Industry

Lisa Sacchetti, CEO and Founder, The Renaissance Network A Data-Driven Education Market Requires Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

We have all seen how data-driven learning is changing education. When we polled many of our partners (and prospective partners) to ask how hiring practices have changed with the market to utilize data, we were surprised to hear that very few of our partners have clear answers as to how they collect and use data to make hiring decisions. If data is king in the education space, why do education companies fail to use data in their hiring practices?

  1. Companies do not know what data they should measure.
  2. Companies do not know how to measure data meaningfully.
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She Snoops for Scoops: The Personal Side of the EdNET Community

Vicki Smith BighamJuly 1 and half of the year now behind us—hard to imagine! I know some of you are recuperating from what I understand was another fabulous ISTE. So a holiday weekend is definitely in order! Before you head out, check out this week's scoops....

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Future Ready Schools Announces New Project To Recognize School Librarians as Leaders in School Transformation

Future Ready Schools—led by the Alliance for Excellent Education in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education—announced Future Ready Librarians, an expansion of the FRS initiative aimed at positioning librarians as leaders in the digital transformation of learning. The FRS initiative helps district leaders recognize the potential of digital tools and align necessary technologies with instructional goals to support teaching and learning. Follett will support the development of tools and resources to connect librarians and libraries in support of the FRS initiative and enable district leaders to better engage and empower librarians to support their FRS vision.

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IES Launches New Software To Support Program Evaluation in Education

The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) has launched a new tool that can make it easier and more cost-effective for states and school districts to evaluate the impact of their programs. RCT-YES™ is free, user-friendly software that supports sophisticated analysis and reporting of results from randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and other types of evaluation designs. The software helps those with a basic understanding of statistics and research design conduct and report on impact studies. The goal is to involve more state and local education agencies as scientific investigators who contribute to knowledge about what works in education.

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