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From the Editor

Anne Wujcik, EditorTwo interesting reports appeared recently. "Beyond Teacher Evaluation: Prioritizing Teacher Instructional Effectiveness with Meaningful Professional Development" was sponsored by School Improvement network and conducted by EdNexus Advisors, LLC. Based on surveys of states' departments of education about the professional learning component of their teacher evaluation policies, the study was designed to gain a better understanding of state policy on providing and funding meaningful teacher professional development tied to teacher evaluations. It highlights activates in Connecticut, Kentucky, New Jersey and South Dakota, states that are making a significant effort to implement teacher support related to evaluations. The Fordham Institute released "Lacking Leaders: The Challenges of Principal Recruitment, Selection, and Placement" examining how districts go about identifying talent, enlisting the best candidates for the job, and matching their distinctive skills and capabilities to the needs of specific schools, with an in-depth look at five urban school districts that have sought to improve their principal-hiring processes in recent years.

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Market Insights

market-insightsEdNET Voices: Attendee Survey Results Infographic

We surveyed our 2013 EdNET Attendees to find out why they keep coming back, and how they get the most out of the conference every year. Check out the results in our infographic, and find out why you should be at EdNET, too!

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She Snoops for Scoops: The Personal Side of the EdNET Community

Vicki Smith BighamHappy Friday to our EdNET community as we continue through the summer. "Summer breeze, makes me feel fine—Blowing through the jasmine in my mind." Anyone besides me remember Seals and Crofts? "Sweet days of summer, the jasmine's in bloom—July is dressed up and playing her tune." Well, enough of my music memories. You didn't come for that, so let me direct you on to the scoops....

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FCC Adopts Landmark E-Rate Modernization Order To Bring High-Speed Wi-Fi to Every School and Library Nationwid

Today, the Federal Communications Commission adopted an E-rate Modernization Order that will expand Wi-Fi networks in schools and libraries across America. The new rules are the next major step in a comprehensive modernization of E-rate, the first such effort since the program¡¦s creation 18 years ago. The program increases focus on the largest and most urgent need - closing the Wi-Fi gap - while transitioning support away from legacy technologies to 21st Century broadband connectivity, ensuring E-rate money is spent smartly, and improving program administration. The reform will expand Wi-Fi to more than 10 million students in 2015 alone.

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21st Century Literacy: New Initiative Makes the Case that Learning To Code Is for Everyone

Many people view computer programming as a narrow, technical activity appropriate for only a small segment of the population. But, an interdisciplinary team of researchers from MIT’s Media Lab, the University of California’s Digital Media and Learning (DML) Research Hub, and Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society is seeking to change that.Wh a recently awarded $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the researchers aim to engage a broader range of young people in computer programming by building on their interests in areas such as music, dance and sports.

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