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From the Editor

Anne Wujcik, EditorThis week saw the release of the K-12 Computer Science Framework,. Developed by the Association for Computing Machinery, Code.org, the Computer Science Teachers Association, the Cyber Innovation Center and the National Math and Science Initiative, the Framework provides a core set of concepts and practices for teaching computer science. It is not a set of standards. Organizers expect that states and school districts will use the framework to create their own standards, curriculum and instructional approaches. This is an instance where the schools are likely to welcome outside input as many lack the expertise to develop standards and curriculum on their own, especially at the earlier grade levels.

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Voice from the Industry

Jack Lynch, CEO, RenaissanceClosing the Achievement Gap Now and in the Future

In the educational technology industry, we spend a fair amount of time thinking about how to teach students—and with good reason. However, what if we spent an equal amount of time thinking about how to best engage them in deliberate practice? The characteristics of effective, deliberate practice include:

  • Being motivated to improve performance and setting performance goals
  • Working at an optimal level of challenge
  • Practicing extensively—and receiving immediate, descriptive feedback

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She Snoops for Scoops: The Personal Side of the EdNET Community

Vicki Smith BighamI recently posted a saying on my Facebook page: "While everyone and their mama is shouting from the rooftops ‘Welcome Fall' and sipping on their pumpkin spice lattes in their cute layered clothing, I'm over here trying not to die from a heat stroke." But here in Houston, we are leaving those 90's this weekend for highs of 80. That makes for a happy Snoop, but before I head out for a beautiful Fall weekend, here are your week's scoops!

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Technology Use Almost Universal for Children Under 6

A new national survey of technology use by children under age 6 indicates that an overwhelming 85 percent of parents allow their young children to use technology in the home. More than three quarters of parents surveyed said they use technology along with their children on a daily basis for up to two hours with television, tablets, smartphones and computers the most frequently used. Overall, 15 percent of parents said their young children do not have access to technology in the home. The attitudes, behaviors and concerns of the 1,000 American parents surveyed provides the most current snapshot of technology use today by young children born in a digital age where technology is deeply integrated into the fabric of daily life.

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Education Department Releases Final Teacher Preparation Regulations

The U.S. Department of Education published regulations today to help ensure that new teachers are ready to succeed in the classroom and that every student is taught by a great educator. The regulations build on progress happening across the country and take into account the extensive and valuable feedback shared with the Department since draft rules were first released. The regulations aim to bring transparency to the effectiveness of teacher preparation programs, provide programs with ongoing feedback to help them improve continuously, and respond to educators across the country who do not feel ready to enter the classroom after graduation.

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