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From the Editor

Anne Wujcik, EditorWith all the back-to-school activities and EdNET Conference planning in full swing, I guess I have to admit that summer is truly coming to an end. Vicki has been involved with EdNET planning for months now, but recently I have joined her on a series of planning calls with our various speakers. That's when I begin to get really excited, as we toss around questions and share ideas with people building companies and thinking about the next generation of innovative and challenging learning products. We keep returning to issues related to discoverability, product evaluation and efficacy research. After a planning call for an EdNET session on the changing procurement environment, I was reminded that Digital Promise is collecting examples of how ed-tech developers use research to design, improve, and evaluate their ed-tech products. Researchers from Columbia Teachers College will review all submissions and select three companies to be featured on Digital Promise and EdSurge's sites. And, all participating companies will be listed on the Digital Promise site. Submit your examples by September 30th. This is a great opportunity to tell your story and share it with the education community.

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Voice from the Industry

Sabari Raja, CEO and Co-Founder, NeprisClassroom Relevance Created Through Personal Interactions

Twenty-four percent of U.S. students live in rural communities. Simply by their location, they have limited access to mentors and role models who work in high tech careers or business or any of the countless other jobs that tend to be clustered in urban areas.

How, then, do we in education meet the challenge to give these rural students, as well as those in urban or suburban areas, a chance to learn about and explore real world careers?

    1. 1. Engage
      2. Excite
      3. Scale

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  • She Snoops for Scoops: The Personal Side of the EdNET Community

    Vicki Smith BighamWow, end of the week and hair on fire here—so much going on as we prepare to bring you the best EdNET ever! You're going to love it! Hope your week has been a good one, friends. Stop what you are doing and check out this week's scoops and, of course, look to see who is coming to EdNET....

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    K-12 Teachers in America Remain Reluctant To Integrate Social Media in the Classroom

    The majority of Americans engage in social media in some way, but the one place they may not be experiencing it is in K-12 schools. Nearly nine in ten (86 percent) K-12 teachers have not integrated social media into their classrooms and the majority (62 percent) indicate they do not plan to do so, according to a recent University of Phoenix® College of Education survey of teachers nationwide conducted online by Harris Poll. Despite increasing use and popularity of social platforms outside of the classroom, these numbers have stayed virtually the same since 2015, and, in fact, teacher use in the classroom has decreased since late 2013, when close to one-in-five (18 percent) indicated they integrated social media into the classroom.

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    New Study Finds Paper Use on the Rise in the Classroom

    This year's Paper and Productive Learning: The Second Annual Back-to-School Report, commissioned by the Paper and Packaging Board, surveyed 4,300 students, parents and teachers in the United States. Findings indicate that despite the availability of digital resources, paper is still a leading learning tool both in and out of the classroom. The 2016 report reveals 64 percent of kindergarten through 12th-grade teachers responded they feel students comprehend and engage more when reading on paper.

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