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From the Editor

Anne Wujcik, EditorOn Monday, President Obama hosted the 5th White House Science Fair, featuring 36 exhibits manned by young scientists and engineers from across the country. Participating students had all previously won honors at a broad range of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) competitions, such as FIRST Robotics, the National eCybermission Competition, the Intel Science Talent Search, Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge and the Google Science Fair, among others. This year's event included a specific focus on girls and women who are excelling in STEM and inspiring the next generation with their work. There's a video of the highlights at https://www.whitehouse.gov/science-fair, including a wonderful segment of the President interacting with a team of six-year old Girl Scouts who had created a battery-powered page turner for people who are paralyzed or have arthritis (and who seemed decidedly unimpressed by being at the White House).

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Voice from the Field

Dr. Julie Carter, Co-Founder and CEO, and Rob Dickson, Co-Founder and President,  GreyEd SolutionsImplementations: A Recipe for Success

The quality of implementation is one of the most critical components to the success of any rollout. Having experienced implementations firsthand from both the school side and the vendor side, there are clear commonalities as we review successful rollouts. The components most evident in these successful implementations include:

  • Establishing a vision embedded in teaching and learning
  • Starting small and going slow to go fast
  • Building your supports—expanding your kitchen
  • Leveraging your connections—not reinventing the wheel
  • Telling your story

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She Snoops for Scoops: The Personal Side of the EdNET Community

Vicki Smith BighamHappy Friday, everyone! Today is the International Day of Happiness, and we're all happy it's Friday. It is a nice reminder that general happiness often comes from family, emotional well-being, and friends—like you. I've got lots of reasons to be happy and also lots of scoops for you....

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The Incredible Kid-Ingenuity on Display at the Fifth White House Science Fair

At the fifth-annual White House Science Fair, President Obama welcomed more than 100 students from more than 30 states for a celebration and showcase of their truly remarkable achievments in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). As part of the Science Fair, approximately 35 student teams exhibited innovative projects -- including discoveries and insights in key areas such as disease diagnostics, clean energy, and information security -- as well as inventions ranging from the “why didn’t I think of that?” (automatic page-turner for people with arthritis) to the “who’d have ever thought that possible?” (a hiccup-curing lollipop!).

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Alliance for Excellent Education’s New Planning Tool Helps School Districts Determine Readiness for Technology

Nationwide, more than 1,700 school district superintendents have taken the Future Ready pledge—a promise to personalize learning for students using digital tools. To help them fulfill their promise—and determine their readiness to do so, the Alliance for Excellent Education today unveiled the Future Ready Interactive Planning Dashboard, a free online tool to help school districts assess their needs and make data-informed decisions on how to effectively use technology to engage students, empower teachers, and improve learning outcomes. Rooted deeply in best practice research and focus groups with education technology experts, the dashboard is a proven model for implementing digital learning that combines educational technology with quality teaching.

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