From the Editor

Anne Wujcik, EditorPresident Obama made use of his bully pulpit that past week to focus the nation's attention on the Maker Movement. The president has been promoting making since 2014, when he launched the Nation of Makers initiative to ensure more Americans of all ages and backgrounds have greater opportunities to design, build, and manufacture. The 2016 National Week of Making (June 17- 23) was marked by hundreds of events nationwide to celebrate making and innovation. And hundreds of organizations renewed or made new commitments to support making.

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Voice from the Industry

Lisa Sacchetti, CEO and Founder, The Renaissance Network A Data-Driven Education Market Requires Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

We have all seen how data-driven learning is changing education. When we polled many of our partners (and prospective partners) to ask how hiring practices have changed with the market to utilize data, we were surprised to hear that very few of our partners have clear answers as to how they collect and use data to make hiring decisions. If data is king in the education space, why do education companies fail to use data in their hiring practices?

  1. Companies do not know what data they should measure.
  2. Companies do not know how to measure data meaningfully.
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She Snoops for Scoops: The Personal Side of the EdNET Community

Vicki Smith BighamAnother wild ride this week, but it is Friday, friends. I know many of you are heading to Denver for ISTE, and I am sorry to not be connecting with you there. Send me your scoops from the road! But first check out what I have for you this week—there's a lot!

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Announcing the 2016 REVERE Awards Winners

The Association of American Publishers offers congratulations to the 2016 REVERE Awards winners. This year's honorees--our 50th set--join a long list of winners recognized for educational excellence over the years. Read more about the 2015 winners and the 2014 winners at the REVERE Awards Galleries. For winners prior to 2014, contact Linda Swank at 267-351-4322.

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Technology Counts 2016: Transforming the Classroom

Education Week today releases a new special report exploring the use of technology in American classrooms. The 2016 edition of Education Week's long-running Technology Counts report combines in-depth reporting and insight from an original national survey to investigate how teachers approach integrating technology into the classroom and their overall confidence in education technology. The report features Education Week's first-ever Tech Confidence Index, which captures teachers' attitudes about the promise technology holds for K-12 schools, now and in the future. Teachers from across the nation give technology a middling score-49 points out of a possible 100. But the Index also reveals that most teachers feel more confident about the future of education technology than the present.

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