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Cambium Learning® Technologies Announces the Acquisition of Stages Assessment Software from Tobii Assistive Technology, Inc.

Stages Helps Educators Assess Students Abilities and Identify Appropriate Intervention

Bedford, MA, July, 2008 — Cambium Learning® Technologies, a leader in providing schools with technology solutions for struggling students such as Classroom Suite by IntelliTools® and Kurzweil 3000™ by Kurzweil Educational Systems, is pleased to add this product line to the solutions it provides to Pre K – 12 schools.

Stages is a seven-level developmental framework that describes a student’s cognitive and language abilities. Stages helps schools comply with alternate assessment mandates by providing an accessible way to assess students with special needs using direct student input. Stages also serves as a selection guide for curriculum activities (including both software and off-computer activities). The sequence of seven Stages is based on the work of Madalaine Pugliese, a nationally recognized authority in the fields of assistive and instructional technologies.
The Stages framework gives parents, educators and clinicians a common language for reviewing learner progress. The seven Stages are developmental in nature and are not age or grade specific. The appropriate stage for a learner is the one where he or she is challenged, but not overwhelmed or frustrated.

“Stages is a unique assessment and intervention product line used especially with students with significant challenges. We are constantly pursuing innovative ways to support the learning process for this type of student, and are excited to add this program to our organization as we believe it is effective, distinct, and complementary to our other intervention technology products. We are pleased to be able to provide it to our customers nationwide,” stated Alex Saltonstall, General Manager, Cambium Learning® Technologies.

About Cambium Learning Cambium Learning is the largest company focused exclusively on serving the needs of Prek-12, at-risk and special student populations. The Cambium Learning family of companies and brands include Sopris West Educational Services, Inc., Kurzweil Educational Systems Inc., Metropolitan Teaching and Learning, and IntelliTools, Inc. Our family of companies specializes in providing research and evidence-based instructional materials, services, and technology that address the unique needs of today’s students.

About Cambium Learning Technologies The technology division of Cambium Learning, Cambium Learning Technologies comprises IntelliTools, Inc. and Kurzweil Educational Systems, Inc. IntelliTools ( has been a leading provider of K- 8 assistive technology in early literacy, mathematics, and writing. Kurzweil Educational Systems, Inc. ( is widely recognized as an innovator and leading provider of reading and writing software for individuals with learning difficulties and for those who are blind. Both companies provide innovate, high-quality educational technology for struggling students.

About Tobii Assistive Technology, Inc. (Tobii ATI)
Tobii Assistive Technology, Inc. (Tobii ATI) is a premier developer of innovative hardware and software solutions for people with disabilities. The company is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Its close proximity to many of the nation's top teaching hospitals and education institutions helps foster close research and testing relationships with several of these facilities.

About the Author Madalaine Pugliese: The Assistive Educator Ms. Pugliese has over 30 years of experience in public education and is a nationally recognized speaker and authority in assistive technology. Some of her achievements include Program Director for Assistive Special Education Technology and Instructor in Special Education, Simmons College, Boston, MA; Director of the Assistive Technology Project of the Massachusetts Department of Education; Founder of Adaptive Rehabilitation Technology, a non-profit organization offering information and resources for families and individuals with needs for adaptive technologies.

For more information contact Roger Steinberg, Product Manager Cambium Learning Technologies IntelliTools | Kurzweil Educational Systems 9473 NW 24th Road Gainesville, FL 32606 (877) 263-1095 Toll Free