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Educational Solutions Consulting Assists DDC in Merger with Datacation

Educational Solutions Consulting Announces Successful Acquisition of Data-Driven Classroom, Inc.; Educational Solutions Consulting Assists DDC in Achieving Successful Exit Through Merger with Datacation, an Industry Leader in Data-Driven Instruction Solutions

NEW YORK, September 30, 2011 --- Educational Solutions Consulting (ESC) has facilitated  the successful acquisition of Data-Driven Classroom, Inc. (DDC) by CaseNex, LLC. 

For more than 10 years, DDC, based in Mountain View, California, has been a leading provider of web-based software used by school districts in California and New Mexico to frequently assess student progress to guide instruction tailored to student needs. DDC also provides easy-to-use reporting tools that integrate reports from state assessments so they may be used in conjunction with local measures of student progress to understand the specific needs of students in a given school or class.

The company was acquired by DataCation, a division of CaseNEX, LLC. This subsidiary offers an array of tools to help schools break down complex student data to inform and support instruction, professional development, curriculum planning, accountability, and policy.

"DataCation, already a leading provider of high-quality, easy-to-use solutions for linking data to instruction, further strengthens its position in the marketplace by adding the well-regarded and successful Data-Driven Classroom Platform and team to its offering," states ESC President, Doug Roberts.  "DDC will help DataCation build its business in California and New Mexico, and enhance the product offering to all of its customers nationwide.  Congratulations to the DDC and DataCation teams and best of luck in your new joint venture."

Both DDC and CaseNex were privately held, so the terms of the merger are confidential.  DDC's principals will continue to work with DataCation to support the transition of DDC customers and the DDC platform to DataCation. 

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