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Shakespeare Squared Expands To Provide End-to-End Services for Education Publishers

Full Suite of Services Distinguishes Shakespeare Squared from Other Educational Development Companies

GLENVIEW, IL (April 08, 2008) –Shakespeare Squared, the educational development company that provides editorial and design services for both textbook and trade book publishers, now provides end-to-end services, making the company a one-stop shop for its clients. 

Shakespeare Squared has been providing quality editorial and design services since 2003. To meet current market and client demands, the company has now expanded to provide such services as leveling, customizing, correlating, aligning, and Spanish translation, among others.  Clients are also taking advantage of Shakespeare Squared’s expertise with preacquisitions, prototyping, and product development. On the marketing side, offerings now include consulting and digital focus grouping.

“Shakespeare Squared is constantly looking for opportunities to expand and enhance our range and quality of client services. We only hope to continue to help our clients in new and exciting ways while maintaining the same level of expertise we have always prided ourselves on,” said Kim Kleeman, President of Shakespeare Squared. By partnering with Shakespeare Squared from concept to market, says Kleeman, clients will be able to develop products that not only meet current market demand but also save time and money.

Founded in 2003 by former teacher Kleeman, Shakespeare Squared specializes in PreK–12 educational materials and customizes teams of staff editors and freelancers from its network of more than 400 educators and professionals with extensive education experience. The company delivers excellence to publishers by engineering innovative product development through proven editorial and production expertise. For more information about Shakespeare Squared, visit

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