From the Editor

Digital Resources and Webinars of Interest

For a short week, this one sure felt like a long one. I’ve been out of the office all week at a series of meetings and really fell behind, so this will be a very short note. I saw that the Florida Board of Education adopted its 2011 legislative agenda this week. Among the things the Board will be pushing the legislature to consider is that by the 2014-15 school year all instructional materials reviewed by the state be “digital.”  At the same time the Board would remove the requirement that schools spend half their "textbook money" on state-approved books, replacing it with a requirement to spend half on "digital content."  The tipping point for the digital transition is approaching rapidly. 

You may want to check out two webinars announced this week.  Learning Enhancement Corporation, publisher of BrainWare Safari, will be offering a series of webinars addressing topics at the intersection of neuroscience and education. The Education Division of the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) will be hosting “When eLearning Goes Mobile,” part of its series of webinars addressing the postsecondary technology industry.