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Pearson and Capella Partner To Issue Digital Badges,

Pearson is collaborating with Capella University to issue digital badges for students completing the online university's National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security designated master's program. Capella University is one of the first online universities to leverage Pearson's Acclaim digital badging platform... Read More »

Pearson To Provide Managed Services to Community Colleges

To provide community college leaders with the resources to help more individuals accomplish their learning and life goals, Pearson today announced comprehensive managed services designed to recruit, support and retain students. Read More »

Pearson Releases New Educator Case Studies

Pearson announced today the availability of the 2016 Science and Engineering White Paper with Educator Case Studies and Implementation Worksheets. The report details the results of successful Mastering and MyReadinessTest implementations, offers best practices, and combines the Implementation Planning Toolkit and the Results White Paper. T Read More »

Pearson Highlights Improved Learner Outcomes in College and Career Readiness

Pearson today unveiled the 2016 College and Career Readiness White Paper featuring case studies demonstrating educational best practices and improved readiness, retention, and employability results at institutions using MyFoundationsLab, MyStudentSuccessLab, Pearson Writer and Smarthinking. Read More »

The Charles A. Dana Center at UT Austin and Pearson Launch New Mathways Project Courses

Pearson announced the availability of two new New Mathways Project's digital courses, MyMathLab™ for Quantitative Reasoning and MyStatLab™ for Statistical Reasoning developed in partnership with the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin. The NMP provides a systemic effort to support community colleges in implementing multiple math pathways... Read More »

Instructure and iDesignEDU Partner

iDesignEDU announced a partnership with Instructure to bring universities and their instructors the design support needed to improve online course delivery. iDesignEDU, which is pioneering a new model of instructional design and unbundled online program management, will help colleges and businesses use Instructure’s Canvas learning management system to build courses that make an impact. Read More »

New Educator Case Studies Feature Improved Achievement in Mathematics and Statistics Courses

Pearson today unveiled educator case studies demonstrating the measurable impact that teaching with MyMathLab and MyStatLab digital learning technologies has on improved learner outcomes in mathematics and statistics. These case studies, which provide evidence of improved results, were selected from two- and four-year institutions, various implementation models, and include developmental math courses as well as a range of college credit courses. Read More »

Wilkes University and Discovery Education Partner on New STEM Endorsement Program

Discovery Education and Wilkes University announced an expansion of their 11-year partnership. In the latest phase of this collaboration, Discovery Education and Wilkes University have launched a new 12-credit program designed to prepare educators to incorporate STEM strategies into their instructional practice and foster a culture of STEM in their schools and school systems. Read More »

Learnosity and Junction Education Collaborate on Course Delivery Platform

Learnosity and Junction Education announced a new strategic partnership. Junction Education joins a rapidly expanding list of key players in the education and training industry choosing to build assessment solutions with Learnosity’s market leading software. The partnership will see Junction Education implement Learnosity’s software for creating and delivering technology-enhanced question types into their course delivery platform. Read More »

Pearson Unveils Competency-Based Education Playbook

Pearson today launched theCBE Playbook-a framework to help higher education leaders think about, organize, and manage the many phases and decisions involved in developing a successful CBE program. The core of the playbook is seven workstreams that organize the areas of functional decision-making and effort required to launch a CBE program. Read More »