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INTELECOM To Distribute Developmental Math Video Clip Collection

The collection will draw from the ModuMath Basic Math video curriculum of the Wisconsin Technical College System Foundation. ModuMath was designed to meet the needs of students who have had little success with classroom or textbook instruction, and uses computer animation and graphics to guide learners through the problem-solving process. Read More »

New Macmillan Subsidiary, DynamicBooks, Redefines Interactive Textbooks for Higher Education

DynamicBooks, a new subsidiary of Macmillan, unveiled today a new digital publishing platform that allows instructors to freely customize and modify some of today’s most respected textbooks. DynamicBooks seeks to lower costs to students and is working with its publisher partners to do so. Read More »

Bridgepoint Education's Seamless Transition to Pearson LearningStudio from Blackboard Successfully Completed Ahead of Schedule

Bridgepoint Education has completed the implementation of Pearson LearningStudio--an online learning management system of Pearson eCollege--as part of its move to adopt a more comprehensive and reliable SaaS-based model. Read More »

Students Lead the Way in Promoting Affordable Textbooks on Campus

Flat World Knowledge, the leading commercial publisher of free and open college textbooks, announced the launch of an innovative campus internship program that gives college students -- those most affected by skyrocketing textbook prices -- an active role in impacting the way faculty think about textbooks. Read More »

Pearson's MyLabsPlus Offers Powerful Teaching and Learning Support

Pearson offers colleges and universities even more benefits with MyLabsPlus--an enhanced version of the MyLabs and Mastering programs, featuring more robust administrative and reporting tools and enhanced customer support... Read More »

The MathWorks Reports More Than 60 Universities Implemented Campus-Wide Access to MATLAB and Simulink Tools in 2009

The MathWorks today announced that more than 60 academic institutions implemented campus-wide licenses in 2009, bringing the power of MATLAB and Simulink to more than one million students and faculty worldwide. Read More »

New Online Library Provides Unprecedented Choice and Content for Strategic, Security, and International Relations Custom Publishing

University Readers launches the new Security, Strategic, and Military Studies Collection in its online library, allowing professors to pick and choose from over 3,200 selections to build a perfect, customized course anthology. Read More »

Demand Grows for Pearson's Online Learning Programs

Demand for Pearson's MyLabs and Mastering online learning programs continues to grow, with more than 6 million student registrations in 2009--a 40 percent increase over 2008. During the Fall semester, over a half million students logged in daily--a 41 percent increase over 2008. Read More »

CQ Press’ Custom and Online Books Platform Gives Professors Free and Immediate Access To Content

CQ Press, in collaboration with LibreDigital, has launched a groundbreaking new online publishing platform—the first to allow users to dynamically generate custom books, reflowing the text to create both print and e-book formats. Read More »

Online Education up 17% to 4.6 Million; Annual Survey Shows Recession, Influenza among Factors Driving Growth

The 2009 Sloan Survey of Online Learning reveals that enrollment rose by nearly 17 percent from a year earlier. The survey of more than 2,500 colleges and universities nationwide finds approximately 4.6 million students were enrolled in at least one online course in fall 2008.... Read More »