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EAB Announces the Student Success Management System

Integrated Technology Helps Campus Stakeholders Actively Manage and Improve Student Outcomes
WASHINGTON, July 5, 2017 /via PRNewswire/ -- EAB announced today the first Student Success Management System (SSMS), a new category of enterprise technology that enables students, faculty, administrators, advisors, and other student support professionals to work together to guide students toward their graduation and employment goals. 

"After studying student success for 10 years, we have seen it evolve from an isolated issue to an existential challenge that affects every aspect of an institution, and every institution across the selectivity spectrum," said Ed Venit, senior director of strategic research at EAB.  "And it has become clear that everyone on campus needs to be able to collaborate and innovate in order to achieve our aspirations for students' experiences and outcomes.  The SSMS is an enterprise architecture that facilitates this coordinated and proactive approach to student success management."

The SSMS enables all stakeholders on campus to manage student success through one technology system. 
  • Students get personalized assistance through a mobile application designed to help them manage their time and make better decisions. The application helps students explore careers and majors; connect with advisors and other campus resources; and navigate complex college requirements with immediate support. Students are also prompted to take actions that are necessary for their individual success, such as applying for financial aid or on-campus child care.
  • Advisors have access to a customized predictive model to find and support students at risk of dropping out. Then, with a cross-campus referral system and real-time student engagement data, they can connect students to tutoring centers, financial aid offices, and other campus services—and track students' progress after providing that support.
  • Administrators can identify courses with high failure rates that are preventing large numbers of students from graduating. These courses present opportunities for instructional redesign to improve learning outcomes. Administrators can also identify which actions help students stay in school and graduate. For example, they can see how students fare after seeking academic support, such as visiting the writing center.
"In addition to augmenting and automating campus success efforts, technology can accelerate change and transform the student experience," said Scott Schirmeier, executive vice president at EAB.  "EAB's Student Success Management System is designed to enable schools to quickly and easily modernize the way they think about student success and break down silos to make it a reality."

Across the country, 450 colleges and universities use EAB analytics, workflow, and communications platforms to identify and support at-risk students and make institutional changes to improve overall outcomes.  The SSMS brings these technologies together with EAB best practice research in a single solution.  By doing so, the SSMS facilitates the campus-wide, data-driven approach progressive institutions are taking to manage student success and see significant results.

"With the help of analytics and applications that are now a part of the SSMS, Georgia State has made a lot of progress for our students in a short period of time," said Tim Renick, vice president for enrollment management and student success at Georgia State University.  "Over the last five years, our advisors had more than 200,000 analytics-based interventions with students, introduced smart-texting to deliver personalized alerts in real-time to students, and integrated financial, career, and academic counseling to provide more seamless support for our students.  As a result, we not only graduated thousands of additional students, we shaved more than half a semester off the average time to degree, saving students $15 million annually in tuition and fees."

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