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McGraw-Hill Higher Education Incorporates Live Ink Reading Technology™

Word Formatting Algorithm Leads to Greater Comprehension, Faster Absorption of Content and Less Eye Strain when Reading Digital Materials

New York – December 1, 2011 – McGraw-Hill Higher Education has partnered with Live Ink to improve reading comprehension for students using the Connect® learning management system. After a series of successful pilots with Connect Reading, McGraw-Hill will fully integrate Live Ink Technology™ into more titles in its Connect platform. Live Ink® uses an algorithm to instantly convert blocks of text into an easy-to-read cascading format. The technology has proven effective in boosting reading comprehension and retention while significantly reducing eye strain attributed to regressions.

Beginning in the spring of 2012, McGraw-Hill will pilot the integration of Live Ink Technology into its Connect products for developmental reading, psychology, and history. Students will be able to move seamlessly between the Connect and Live Ink views of the McGraw-Hill ebook in order to take advantage of the benefits of this revolutionary new reading technology.

“Our partnership with Live Ink is another example of how we are using digital technology to enhance the learning experience for all students,” said Paul Banks, executive editor, McGraw-Hill Higher Education. “Live Ink-enhanced Connect ebooks will enable students to study more effectively and efficiently because they will understand and remember more of the course materials they read. Our educational programs use technology to prepare students for achievement in the classroom and beyond, and we are excited to partner with innovative companies like Live Ink to equip students with the full breadth of skills they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced, global economy.”

Used in professional industries as well as an educational resource, Live Ink has been validated in multiple research studies and proven effective in boosting reading comprehension and retention for a variety of readers. Classroom and eye-movement research in college-level readers has shown that the Live Ink format immediately increases comprehension by 25 percent, with gains up to 40 percent after extended use. At the same time, readers also immediately read 20 percent faster. This 50 percent gain in reading efficiency is due to enhanced phrase recognition: readers do not need to re-read words or phrases as often, and have about 30 percent fewer eye-movements overall. This allows for deeper immersion in the content, which strengthens comprehension and retention, and reduces eye-strain symptoms by 75 percent.

“McGraw-Hill’s commitment to student success extends beyond providing high-quality content, and includes integrating learning systems with tools that help students absorb that content effectively,” said Randall Walker, MD, co-founder of Live Ink. “We are proud to have Live Ink Technology included in McGraw-Hill’s digital learning environment, and to help their students succeed by enhancing reading performance.”
To request a demo of McGraw-Hill Connect® products integrated with Live Ink®, visit http://connect.mcgraw-hill.com. To access a demo of Live Ink’s word cascading tool, visit http://www.liveink.com.

About McGraw-Hill Education
McGraw-Hill Education is a content, software and services-based education company that draws on its more than 100 years of educational expertise to offer solutions, which improve learning outcomes around the world. McGraw-Hill is the adaptive education technology leader with the vision for creating a highly personalized learning experience that prepares students of all ages for the world that awaits. The company has offices across North America, India, China, Europe, the Middle East and South America, and makes its learning solutions available in more than 65 languages. For additional information, visit http://www.mheducation.com/.

About Live Ink
Live Ink® Technology was founded by physicians and brothers, Drs. Randall and Stan Walker, who came to understand that everyone could read better if the way the words were presented was more consistent with the way our eyes and brain actually work. Since 1997, they have spearheaded a team of visual, linguistic and cognitive scientists, educators, and software engineers. This team has developed natural language parsing engines that create a more effective and enjoyable reading experience. The team has also conducted peer-reviewed, university- and classroom-based controlled research, which has consistently demonstrated the effectiveness of
Live Ink for all levels of readers. Major publishers now use Live Ink’s award-winning, globally-patented technology to enrich their digital publications across all educational levels. Live Ink® is a registered trademark of Walker Reading Technologies, Inc.

Contact: Tom Stanton, McGraw-Hill Education, 212-904-3214, tom_stanton@mcgraw-hill.com
Adam Gordon, Live Ink, 952-854-9311, a.gordon@liveink.com