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New Online Library Provides Unprecedented Choice and Content for Strategic, Security, and International Relations Custom Publishing

Developed by University Readers and Routledge, the New Library Will Be Previewed at International Studies Association conference in New Orleans.
San Diego, CA - February 10, 2010 - University Readers launches the new Security, Strategic, and Military Studies Collection in its online library, allowing professors to pick and choose from over 3,200 selections to build a perfect, customized course anthology.

Textbooks costs are rising, and students in International Studies demand more specific materials for their specialized courses. The Routledge Security, Strategic, and Military Studies Collection offers professors the choice to use only the content they need for their course, and keep the overall costs of materials down. Professors can literally pick and choose chapters from over 260 Routledge titles to assemble their own course materials.

The online library is accessible to all professors, and allows them to choose from over 16,000 selections, covering a wide range of disciplines, available from other publishing partners as well. All the content is copyright cleared, ready for use, and often at reduced permission fees, saving students even more.  In addition, professors can add material from other publishers or their own original text.
Selections are grouped into topics, as well by individual chapters of the book. Professors can create a list of favorites to read, preview each selection, and add selections to their project all in a single web interface.

Once the selections are made, professors then submit the order for their custom published work: a course pack or custom textbook, depending on their class enrollment sizes. Course packs can be competed in as little as two weeks, with perfect-bound, custom textbooks needing 8-10 weeks. All products can be delivered in print or digital formats, depending on the professor's choice.
"The breakthrough is allowing professors to use content from a variety of publishers to compile the perfect course materials, seamlessly integrating the selection of content into the ordering process," says University Readers VP Marketing Christopher Foster. "We're proud to be leading the way towards more relevant course materials, digital formats, and lower costs for students."

The Routledge Security, Strategic, and Military Studies Collection is available for use now, and will be featured in the upcoming International Studies Association conference in New Orleans from February 17th - 20th.

University Readers (www.universityreaders.com): University Readers is the leading custom publishing service, providing course packs, custom textbooks, custom anthologies, and original works services in print and digital formats to thousands of professors nationwide. Since 1992, we have provided copyright clearance, printing and digital pack production, and direct-to-student delivery, helping professors create custom materials and saving students money.

Routledge (www.routledge.com): Routledge, founded in 1836 and part of Taylor & Francis, publishes approximately 600 journals and around 2,000 new books each year, from offices all over the world. Routledge's current publishing program encompasses the liveliest texts and the best in research. They have over 35,000 titles in print, including many scholarly classics.