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Tegrity Enhances Student, Instructor Experience in Tegrity Campus 2.0

Santa Clara, CA – Tegrity, provider of the leading Web 2.0 Class Capture solution for Higher Education, announced today that it has added significant new functionality for students, instructors and institutions using its Tegrity Campus 2.0 Enterprise Class Capture system. 
Tegrity Campus 2.0 is the first student achievement system that makes class time available all the time for EVERY student by automatically capturing, storing and indexing every class on campus for replay – whether accessed online, on an iPod or by a variety of other mobile devices. With patented Tegrity “search anything” technology, students can instantly recall key class moments at any point during a captured lecture by searching on any text presented in class.  Tegrity Campus 2.0 impacts learning across the entire institution, improving retention and student satisfaction.
“We’re very proud of the way our technology impacts learning across the entire institution, and we’re excited about the enhancements that we’ve made to improve the Tegrity experience for students, instructors, and institutions,” said Isaac Segal, President and CEO of Tegrity.  “We’ve listened carefully to our customers and incorporated their feedback to make these changes, and we hope they enjoy these enhancements to course delivery, access, and management.”
New features of Tegrity Campus 2.0 include:
For institutions:
Centralized Dashboard: Provides at-at-glance Tegrity status monitor to help administrators manage Tegrity environments.
Simplify the setup and maintenance of local Tegrity servers: Tegrity will provide a VMWare image of the server with this update.
Tegrity Scheduler: Especially in small deployments that cannot take advantage of Tegrity’s unique Dataset integration, the new Tegrity Scheduler enables the institution to pre-define and enforce recording schedules (or just reminders) for faculty in specific classrooms, giving institutions the option to program a scheduled recording within a specific classroom or facility and timeframe.
Centralized Configuration Management: Provides centralized control of options and settings to enable  administrative oversight from a single place and also makes the options and setting available to instructors.
For students: 
Student Recording:  Students can record with Tegrity, provided the professor allows it in a specific course, and watch their recordings upload automatically. The instructor can also add files related to the course in a special recordings area.
New UI Interface for Students:  Simplifies access to recordings and the search engine, and utilizes the entire viewer’s screen.  Automatically adjusts for content/viewer optimal experience (16:9 vs. 4:3).  Embedded active X help for the playback screen.
Instant Chapter Access: Using the latest AJAX technologies, students can directly access the indexed (chapters) by simply hovering over different areas of the slider.
Enhanced Vodcast Support: Tegrity can automatically create enhanced Vodcast for every recorded class. The Vodcast includes a full motion movie of all the information presented in class (slides, web sites, computer applications, etc.) and the same Tegrity enhanced navigation features that enable students to search the automatically generated chapters while viewing or listening.
Increased Personalization: Tegrity identifies “unopened” classes (much like unread email).  If the student pauses a session, Tegrity remembers where they left off and enables them to resume playback from that exact point.
For instructors:
Ability to easily add related Course Materials: The instructor can now add supplementary, course-related material in a designated, easily accessible area.
New Editing Features: Exciting new features include the ability to splice video and import “external” video clips into a class recording in addition to the ability to add searchable key words at class and chapter levels, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of student searches of course material.
New Reporting tools:
* Frequently class sections Report – Instructors can identify which chapters from a specific class are most accessed, helping them identify “problem areas” for further elaboration. 

* Unwatched Class Recordings Identification – Enables instructors to monitor student viewing and determine which sessions and classes have not been viewed by students.

* Sandbox Courses – Provides a facility for faculty to learn by practicing recording in a private setting.

The above and additional enhancements to the latest update of Tegrity Campus 2.0 will be demonstrated at the 2nd Annual Tegrity User Conference in June 11 - 13, 2008 at the Walt Disney World Swan Resort, Orlando, Florida. 
About Tegrity
Tegrity Campus 2.0 is the leading Web 2.0 class capture system, impacting learning, student satisfaction and retention across the entire institution. Requiring no hardware or software installation, Tegrity Campus 2.0 makes class time available all the time by automatically capturing, storing and indexing every class on campus for replay by every student. Educators know that the more students can see, hear, and experience a class, the better they learn. With patented Tegrity “Search anything” technology, students instantly recall key class moments for replay online, or on iPods and mobile devices. Tegrity is based in Santa Clara, California with regional offices throughout the United States. For more information, visit http://www.tegrity.com.