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Learning Upgrade Boosts Achievement in Oakland Elementary School

Manzanita Community School in Oakland, CA has realized remarkable success with the math and reading curriculum from Learning Upgrade. Learning Upgrade's targeted, multidisciplinary approach, which integrates music, videos, and games, has helped ELL students learn the language more quickly, while it engages every student with reading and math concepts. Read More »

Alma Releases New Standards Tracker

Alma Technologies, Inc. has added a standards tracking tool that empowers educators to more effectively teach to proficiency against any set of academic standards. The tool supports the growing trend toward standards-based grading...Educators get greater visibility into student achievement on each standard in real time and in a way that is aligned to their natural workflow for curriculum and instructional planning. Read More »

New OpenEd Partnerships Provide Tools for Personalizing Learning

OpenEd announced new partnerships that now make its resources available real-time across a broad range of ed tech companies, including learning management system (LMS), test prep app and assessment solution, enabling literally millions more teachers and students to have access to its resources for personalizing learning. Read More »

New PASCO White Paper Analyzes Deepening Student Interest in STEM

"Meeting the World's Needs for 21st Century Science Instruction," examines the worldwide need for more qualified scientists, medical professionals, engineers and technologists, and the call for students to be more scientifically literate and experienced with science tools and practices. It further explores the positive impact that hands-on, inquiry-based instruction and technology tools have on increasing students' understanding, as well as their motivation and interest in science. Read More »

Food Truck To Deliver Meals and Books to Kids

Capstone is donating more than 750 children's books to Saint Paul Public Schools' "Lunch and Literacy" outreach meals program this summer. The new Mobile Café food truck delivers free, daily, nutritious meals to children up to age 18 in the Saint Paul area. On one day a month along with their lunch, children will receive a free book from Capstone to take home for their personal library. Read More »

Edsby Adds Integration with Google Apps for Education

Edsby now offers integration with Google Apps for Education. Google Apps for Education provides students and teachers with a good way to author, collaborate and submit documents. Combined with Edsby, the platform creates an interactive classroom experience that enables a convenient single sign-on and tight integration between the two cloud-based solutions. Read More »

Plain Local SD Improves Student Outcomes Using i-Ready

Using Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready® Diagnostic & Instruction and Ready® programs, Plain Local School District in Canton, OH has successfully streamlined its assessment process, personalized its instruction, and improved learning outcomes for students in grades K-8. Read More »

SEL Experts Discuss Importance of Assessment Tied to Curriculum

Organizations have conducted research to determine how SEL strategies can better help students achieve academically. Apperson is helping educators and administrators earn how SEL assessment and instruction helps improve student outcomes and alleviate behavior issues... Read More »

EDTRAINING CENTER and observe4success Partner for Personalized PD

EDTRAININGCENTER, leading provider of online training and professional development to the K-12 industry has teamed up with observe4success, an award winning classroom observation and walkthrough platform, to create a new kind of observation, feedback, and professional development program for administrators, coaches, mentors, and teachers. Read More »

Halton District School Board Chooses Edsby

Edsby, an innovative cloud-based education engagement platform that connects K-12 students, teachers and parents using smartphones, tablets and the web, has been selected by Halton District School Board (HDSB) to improve parent communication and give students and teachers electronic access to what they need to know each day at school. Read More »