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DeKalb County (GA) District Selects Infinite Campus

DeKalb County School District (DCSD), the third largest school district in Georgia, has selected Infinite Campus as its new student information system (SIS). Serving nearly 100,000 students, DCSD will now have the capacity to manage student data and support academic program needs. Read More »

FLVS Students Outperform State and National Averages on 2013 AP Exam

Students of Florida Virtual School (FLVS®) continued to score well on the Advanced Placement (AP®) Exams. The recently released 2013 AP Exam results revealed that FLVS students outperformed the state of Florida in overall averages by 13 percent and exceeded the national overall averages by 3 percent in comparing the 16 AP courses offered by FLVS. Read More »

New CA Charter School Saves $245,000 on Refurbished Apple Products

Students at one new California charter school have access to the best EdTech devices on the market, and school leadership has room in the budget to spare. Since the Academy of Arts and Sciences opened, administrators have purchased more than 350 refurbished MacBooks from Mac to School, the K-12 sectors leading provider of refurbished Apple devices. Read More »

ST Math Program's New Middle and High School Curricula

The new programs build on ST Math's successful pre-school through fifth grade curricula and expand the previously available middle and high school offerings, which were limited to intervention and fluency programs. The new programs are ST Math: Grade 6, ST Math: Middle School Supplement, and ST Math: High School Intervention. Read More »

Pitsco Education's Phonics: Animals in Motion

One of Pitsco Education's newest elementary programs -- Phonics: Animals in Motion - uses kinesthetic activity to teach and reinforce phonics learning while keeping students active and engaged. Using a video featuring animal animations and children executing the activities, six different flash card sets, a teacher's guide, and a student workbook, the program also incorporates counting and sign language. Read More »

Hooda Math Debuts Free Cool Math Games

Normally, playing Flappy Birds or 2048 during class might get you in trouble with the teacher. But thanks to Hooda Math, educational versions of both games are now available for free on the popular math games website. Hooda Math's version of Flappy Birds is called Flappy Factors. Read More »

LEGO Takes Robots from Fiction to Fact

LEGO® Education announced the LEGO MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Science Activity Pack. Developed together with Fraunhofer, a global application-oriented research organization, in close collaboration with science teachers, the activity pack is a fresh take on teaching energy, thermal physics, mechanics, and light through the engagement of building and programming robots. Read More »

Listen for Life Launches 'Travels With Music'

Listen for Life™ created Travels With Music™ to introduce students to world cultures, using music as the gateway. The multimedia program explores the richness and diversity of 15 world cultures through the use of 300 video and audio segments that comprise six hours of classroom instruction. Read More »

Ricoh Introduces Next Generation of the 'Bubble-Sheet' Test

The Ricoh Testing and Grading Solution enables educators to create their own bubble-sheet optical mark recognition (OMR) tests, print them on plain paper from their nearest Ricoh multifunction product (MFP), and automatically grade completed tests using the MFP's scanning capability. No special equipment is required, and educators no longer lose time and money shipping completed tests across the country for grading. Read More »

ACT Aspire College and Career Readiness System Launches

The first administration of the new ACT Aspire College and Career Readiness system took place this week in 33 states. The assessments provide educators and parents with student achievement data based on the ACT College and Career Readiness Standards ("CCRS") from grade 3 to H.S. Read More »