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Cerebellum Releases ‘4th Edition Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Curriculum’

Elementary Curriculum Helps Reduce Tattling and Bullying While Increasing Students’ Confidence when Handling Problems on Their Own 

San Francisco, CA—September 26, 2011— Cerebellum Corporation, the producer and distributor of the Standard Deviants videos, has released the 4th Edition Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Curriculum, as well as two additional resources, to help aid in the emotional growth of elementary students. For more than 20 years, the Kelso’s Choice program has empowered students to make positive choices and today it is a recommended resource among elementary guidance counselors.

Led by Kelso the Frog, a child-friendly frog that guides students through the lessons, the Kelso’s Choice curriculum presents nine options students can use to resolve minor conflicts. By using the curriculum, students are able to determine the difference between problems they can handle on their own and problems that require an adult’s help. 

“For more than two years, the Cerebellum team has collaborated with the creator of Kelso’s Choice and educators using the program to add additional content, lessons and activities to this popular conflict management skills curriculum,” said James Rena, President of Cerebellum Corporation. “By understanding the needs of both educators and students, we are now able to offer even more resources to help prevent bullying, reduce tattling and build students’ confidence and key developmental skills.”

The 4th Edition Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Curriculum operates on the same core concepts and philosophy as its predecessors – every child is capable of becoming a peacemaker – but has been further divided by grade levels to address the developmental difference for grades K-3 and grades 4-5. The complete kit provides a leader’s guide with extensive lessons for the guidance counselor, a new DVD, a color Willow Pond storybook, Kelso and Lily puppets, and poster sets to be displayed throughout the school.

Cerebellum has created two additional Kelso’s Choice kits to further supplement development at the elementary level.  The Kelso Booster Curriculum Kit is designed to complement the Kelso’s Choice kit with an additional video, a flashcard game, and extensive lesson plans and activities. The Kelso Counselor Activity Toolbox is specifically geared toward counseling in small group sessions and encourages at-home use with a board game, video and take-home activities.

Pricing and Availability
The 4th Edition Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Curriculum sells for $399.98. The Kelso Booster Curriculum Kit includes a Putting Kelso into Play DVD with additional scenarios, “The Choice is Right” card game, and new teacher’s guide and lesson plans for $149.98. The Kelso Counselor Activity Toolbox includes a DVD with additional scenarios, full-color Willow Pond Storybook, Workbook of activities, crafts, parents' letters and reward charts, and the Kelso “Hoppin’ Home” Board Game for $149.98. To learn more about this series, read reviews and success stories visit

About Cerebellum
Cerebellum distributes and produces topic-based educational videos for students of all grade levels. Since 1992, Cerebellum has been a leader in the educational market, producing hundreds of hours of educational media. In 19 years, Cerebellum has received recognition for its high-quality content: garnered 25 Telly Awards, multiple prestigious Parents’ Choice Awards, and the respect and recommendation of thousands of teachers, professors, and education professionals.

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