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dataMetrics Creates New Report To Help Better Analyze Assessment Data

The ‘Student Profile with Items Report’ in ‘TestWiz’ Provides Valuable Feedback That Goes Beyond Simple Test Summary Scores
Harvard, MA, March 5, 2010 – dataMetrics, a Massachusetts-based company specializing in test processing and reporting software for educational institutions, has added a new report to its TestWiz online software. The new Student Profile with Items Report combines elements from two reports into one.

The top section on the new report shows a student’s performance results on whole subjects such as reading or math, as well as strands such as reading comprehension and division. The Items section shows whether the student got a specific item on the assessment correct, or in the case of an open response question, what score was received for that item. The Item section can show what the learning standard was for that particular question with a brief description of the question.

As an added option, the new report can include a column with a comparison score for a user-selected sub-group of students. This student-level report gives a complete picture of how each student performed on a given assessment.  Users can see how the student performed on the whole test, how the student performed by item, what the item was measuring, and optionally, how other students scored on the same items.

“In Westford, we were looking for a product that was compatible with our state assessments and one that also allowed us to create locally-defined assessments for students,” said Lucy Smith, Director of Student Information/Administrative Technology at Westford Public Schools in Massachusetts. “TestWiz gave us the student profiling and item analysis capability that enabled us to monitor our students' individual performance, and also provides the ability to do program and curriculum evaluation district-wide.”

The Student Profile with Items Report is currently available, free of charge, for all current TestWiz users. For complete details about TestWiz, visit dataMetrics’ website at

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dataMetrics Software, Inc. is a privately-held Massachusetts company specializing in  test processing and reporting software for educational institutions. Since its incorporation in 1994 with its launch of TestWiz, dataMetrics Software, Inc. has helped hundreds of districts make data-driven decisions in an effort to improve instruction and learning. TestWiz helps districts understand assessments from the ground up - from test processing, to scoring, to reporting and analyzing. For more information, visit dataMetrics Software at