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Follett Software Launches New Package To Manage Both Textbooks, Student Devices

McHenry, IL (via PRWEB) May 13, 2011 - Follett Software Company announced today that it is launching a new Textbook and Device Management Package, designed to help K-12 districts tackle the print-to-digital transition by enabling the efficient tracking and managing of textbooks as well as the devices used to support students in the classroom.

“This new package provides a solution for managing instructional resources, including textbooks and technology assets, and to ensure control, accountability, access and lower ongoing costs,” said Dave Zasada, vice president of product management and marketing for Follett Software.

Zasada explained that the Textbook and Device Management Package will deliver all of the functionality of Follett Software’s market leading Destiny® Textbook Manager™ plus Destiny Asset Manager™ for the express purpose of tracking devices. Zasada added that not only will the package appeal to potential new customers of Destiny Textbook Manager, but also to existing customers who seek to integrate the tracking of devices – for example, netbooks, laptops, graphing calculators and other devices used by students and teachers.

“This package also will help districts bring replacement costs under control, and reduce unnecessary new purchases,” Zasada said. “In addition, its features will help ensure accountability and access on a district-wide basis with the ability to track textbooks and devices by building, teacher and student.”

Moreover, Zasada noted, the new package will help districts efficiently generate reports for both textbooks and devices so they can easily comply with federal and state requirements and equitable access laws and mandates, and funding management.

Follett Software’s suite of award winning Destiny products includes:
* Destiny Library Manager™. In use in 47,911 schools and 4,657 districts nationwide.
* Destiny Textbook Manager. In use in 15,380 schools and 1,143 districts nationwide.
* Destiny Asset Manager. In use in 2,142 schools and 224 districts nationwide.

More information is available by visiting A Follett Software customer service representative can be reached by calling 800.323.3397