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Lexia Learning Releases Lexia Reading 7.1.

New Lexia Reading 7.1 Provides Unprecedented Level of Real-Time Data on Rate and Accuracy of Reading Skills Development

February 15, 2011 - CONCORD, Mass. - Lexia Learning, in its pursuit of reading proficiency for every child, has released Lexia Reading's 7.1. This latest version of Lexia's award-winning software offers teachers and administrators an enhanced progress monitoring functionality to help support instructional strategies including Response to Intervention (RTI). Among other new features, two new skills reports provide detailed, real-time views of student performance by leveraging an unparalleled national database of student skills development.

The new Lexia class skills report gives teachers and administrators an at-a-glance view of performance for all students in the class. The report shows major skill areas covered in each level of the program, and shows the percentage of students in the class who have completed each level. Teachers see an overview of individual student progress (percentage complete in each level), and are alerted by a
"needs instruction" icon next to the name of struggling students.

For greater detail on individual student performance, teachers can simply click on the students' name to launch the Lexia student skills report. Leveraging the power of Lexia's national database of reading skills acquisition and the industry's only Assessment Without Testing's technology, the new student skills report provides a more sophisticated look at student progress. For each skill completed, Lexia Reading calculates a relative rate of completion ("slow," "medium" or "fast," based on the time to complete each skill) and a relative level of accuracy in response ("low," "medium" or "high," based on the number of repeated activities). With these data, teachers can identify students who may be at risk of reading failure. Lexia Reading also delivers real-time data on the skills activities in progress, and highlights the specific skills with which each is struggling. The "needs instruction" icon appears on the report, providing a direct link to a robust set of scripted lessons, called Lexia Lessons's, that help teachers provide targeted skills instruction on the specific skills needing support.

"Lexia 7.1 is an important evolution in this groundbreaking instruction and assessment technology," said Lexia President and CEO Nick Gaehde. "Lexia's database of student skills gives teachers and administrators an unprecedented level of real-time information about student performance and instructional needs, which will enable teachers to help more children become successful readers."

Lexia Reading offers support for critical reading skills development for all students in grades pre-K-4, as well as for students in grades 4-12 needing to accelerate their reading skills progress. The program includes more than 900 age-appropriate activities conforming to federal guidelines and focused on the five major areas of reading instruction. Students using the Web-based, SIF certified program work independently as the software automatically differentiates the content to match each student's skill level; detecting when additional practice is needed and advancing students to the next level when skills have been mastered. Lexia's Assessment Without Testing technology gives administrators and teachers instant access to performance data gleaned from students' daily activities in the program-without stopping the flow of instruction to administer tests or wait for results. The software quickly identifies students at risk for reading failure, highlighting specific skill deficits and aggregating student performance data at the student, class, school or district level. Teachers are automatically provided with Lexia Lessons and Lexia Skill Builders's, a set of explicit, scripted lesson plans and paper and pencil practice sheets for direct skill instruction and offline practice.

About Lexia Learning
Lexia Learning Systems, Inc., headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts, is one of the most highly regarded reading software companies in the nation. Established in 1984, the company provides a flexible, Web-enabled technology that is scientifically based and proven to increase reading proficiency in students at all levels of ability, pre-K to adult. Today, Lexia's programs, including its flagship product, Lexia Reading, are used as an essential part of reading instruction in more than 13,000 schools nationwide, and have helped more than one million students learn to read. In 2009, Lexia Reading was recognized as one of only 10 programs to have ever been deemed to show effectiveness in two or more Beginning Reading Skills categories by the What Works Clearinghouse. To learn more about Lexia, please visit or call 1-800-435-3942.