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P21 Common Core Toolkit:

A Guide to Aligning the Common Core State Standards with the Framework for 21st Century Skills 

 For the first time in U.S. education history, a majority of states (44 to date) have agreed to a common baseline for academic knowledge and college readiness skills. The release of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in 2010 has been an important turning point in the standards movement.

Over the past decade, many organizations such as P21 have advocated for standards that adequately address both the core academic knowledge and the complex thinking skills that are required for success in college, life and career in the 21st century.  Partnership for 21st Century Skills urges the integration of the CCSS into teaching and learning in ways that honor the fusion of the 3Rs and 4Cs.

Guiding Implementation of CCSS
How does the P21 Common Core Toolkit help states, districts and schools implement Common Core State Standards and support ongoing 21st century skills initiatives?

  • Designed to support efforts of all state & district education leaders who are implementing CCSS within P21’s comprehensive 21st century skills framework and are committed to preparing young people to succeed in college and today’s challenging workforce.
  • Provides a necessary overview of how P21 framework & CCSS align and support each other
  • Shows what aligning P21 skills and CCSS looks like through examples & sample lessons
  • Complies and identifies useful resources and links for education leaders currently working to implement CCSS   

A Comprehensive Guide
Offering a variety of tools and timely resources, the P21 Common Core Toolkit provides:

  • Alignment Overview
    A high-level summary of how the P21 framework and the Common Core State Standards support each other
  • Common Core / P21 Examples
    Lesson vignettes that demonstrate “what it looks like” to align instructional practices with both the common core and P21 skills
  • Common Core Resources
    Compilation of useful links for states and districts working to implement the Common Core State Standards
  • Assessment Resources
    Compilation of background reading on the issue of assessment and the 4Cs

Download the PDF of the P21 Common Core Toolkit today at
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The P21 Common Core Toolkit was created with the help of many P21 State Partners and Member Organizations, as well as contributions from numerous state education leaders.  Special thanks go out to Crayola for the student artwork which appears in this document and demonstrates the creative power of our students.