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Renaissance Learning Announces STAR Enterprise

WISCONSIN RAPIDS, Wis., Feb. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Renaissance Learning, a leading provider of technology-based school improvement and student assessment programs, announced STAR Enterprise, the enhanced versions of the STAR Reading, STAR Math, and STAR Early Literacy assessments. The additional functionalities of STAR Enterprise provide expanded skills-based testing for greater depth of assessment to assist educators in measuring student performance against state standards, including the Common Core State Standards.

Like the traditional STAR assessments, the Enterprise assessments are norm-referenced and use computer-adaptive testing to provide the most reliable information in the shortest amount of time. Each test can be administered in 15 minutes and may be repeated as often as necessary throughout the school year. STAR Enterprise connects assessment with instruction through research-based learning progressions. This is accomplished by mapping student scores on each of the STAR assessments to research-based learning progressions for reading and math. STAR Enterprise provides, through a suite of Instructional Planning tools, valuable skills-based data and resources to inform instruction and practice.

STAR Enterprise features reliable predictive statistics, linkages to state and Common Core State Standards, and learning progressions for detailed instructional planning guidance. Based on item-response theory, STAR Enterprise assessments are especially versatile for a variety of assessment purposes, including screening, skills-based reporting and instructional planning, progress monitoring, predicting performance on state tests, gauging mastery of state standards as well as Common Core State Standards, and longitudinal reporting.

"STAR Enterprise builds on the solid foundation of the STAR assessments by delivering even more in-depth, reliable instructional data in less time and at less cost than other assessments," said Glenn R. James, Chief Executive Officer of Renaissance Learning. "With its new reports and instructional planning tools, STAR Enterprise provides educators with even more valuable resources to provide individualized help for each of their students."

The STAR Enterprise tests have received top ratings for accuracy, validity, and reliability, and are widely used to support Response to Intervention (RTI) and other intervention programs. In addition, the STAR assessments have been rated highly by key federally-funded organizations, including the National Center on Response to Intervention. Recent reviews can be viewed on the NCRTI website at .

The STAR Enterprise rollout will begin with STAR Math Enterprise in late spring of 2011, followed by STAR Reading Enterprise in summer 2011. STAR Early Literacy Enterprise is slated for rollout in fall 2011. More information about STAR Enterprise may be found at

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Renaissance Learning, Inc. is a leading provider of technology-based school improvement and student assessment programs for K12 schools.  Adopted by more than 70,000 schools, Renaissance Learning's tools provide daily formative assessment and periodic progress-monitoring technology to enhance core curriculum, support differentiated instruction, and personalize practice in reading, writing and math. Renaissance Learning products and school improvement programs help educators make the practice component of their existing curriculum more effective by providing tools to personalize practice and easily manage the daily activities for students of all levels. As a result, teachers using Renaissance Learning products and programs accelerate learning, get more satisfaction from teaching, and help students achieve higher test scores on state and national tests. Renaissance Learning has seven U.S. locations and subsidiaries in Canada and the United Kingdom.

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