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Shmoop Adds SAT and ACT Prep

Shmoop Adds (and then Multiplies) SAT and ACT Prep

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (Sept. 27, 2011) – Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, today announced the earth-shattering event in launching Shmoop Dashboards as part of its Enhanced 2012 SAT and ACT exam prep courses.

In today’s world, standardized testing is a beast. Along with undergoing some seriously strenuous training, students have to measure their performances against the performances of everyone else. Test prep might feel like a case of being pursued by a bear—let’s call him the Rejection Letter Bear—but succeeding does not necessarily mean winning the whole race. All you have to do is outrun the next-slowest screaming human.

Students, parents, and teachers get:
--More practice exams: The Dog Ate My SAT Prep Book just won’t cut it when it comes to the heavy lifting. You can access Shmoop from any device, anywhere in the world...and our extra full-length practice exams avoid adding weight to overstuffed backpacks. (So, not literally heavy lifting.)

--Instant feedback: With just a click of a button, students can send a newfangled “electronic mail” to their teachers with summaries of all the hits and misses from their practice runs.

--Full diagnostic exams and skills breakdown: Where are your strengths? Where are your...slightly weaker strengths?

--History: Four score and seven years ago? Nope. Try the history of your exam-taking prowess, presented in a single and easy-to-understand chart. The higher the line goes, the better things are going, so let’s hope for slope.

--Relative performance: This has nothing to do with how Cousin Myrtle did in her last half-marathon. How is your student doing compared to the other students in class?

--PDF- and XLS- friendly: Teachers can stack copies of neatly printed summaries on top of their desks (along with a shiny red, if you’re in the mood for some high-tech fruit.)

--1492 Vocab Flashcards:  Forget Mother’s Day, birthdays, and Christmas.  The best cards are flash cards because they actually do something for you.

--Math, math, and more math: Having trouble with x and y? Probability got you down? Find out what Neil Patrick Harris, Snooki, and Tina Fey can do to help you solve counting problems, or calculate the likelihood of playing an incredibly embarrassing song on your iPod shuffle.

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