She Snoops for Scoops: The Personal Side of the EdNET Community

She Snoops for Scoops: The Personal Side of the EdNET Community

I hope those of you celebrating Passover are enjoying a blessed season. And others of us look forward to this Easter weekend. But all of you need to check on this week's scoops before you bid farewell to this week. Read on, friends, for lots of news....

People on the move....

Six Red Marbles is expanding its instructional design and editorial leadership in the early childhood through higher ed education space with the announcement of its new Director, Bonnie Dobkin, who will be joining the company in May. Based in Chicago, Bonnie showcases full-service program conceptualization skills, digital/print development mastery and successful offshore team management strategies. She is coming to Six Red Marbles with a dual background in two worlds-established publishing houses as well as dynamic development groups. As V.P., Editorial Director at McDougal Littell, she directed grade 6-12 language arts programs that successfully won large adoption states, including 70% of Texas. She independently consulted with publishers such as Scholastic and National Geographic, and she most recently led India-based company Q2A Media's editorial division. Her career in publishing has run the gamut of all disciplines and all grade levels. She is also an author of children's books and singer/musical director who occasionally hits the stage herself. Congratulations to Bonnie on joining the talented Six Red Marbles team!

I am happy to share the news that Stephen Wakefield, recently with Discovery Education, has joined ASCD as Director of Communications. Stephen says that while he enjoyed his time at Discovery Education, he is so pleased to be working with another tremendously talented team at ASCD. Join me in congratulating him on his new role at

I connected this week with Michael Flood, who is now Vice President, Education Markets, for Kajeet for Education. I first learned of this interesting company at the CoSN conference and consider them fortunate to add Michael to their team. In 2006, Kajeet's founders began working on a platform approach to address safe communications with an eye toward mobile computing, voice, text and other services. Kajeet began selling cellular services in 2007 with a robust offering providing unique monitoring and control capabilities to families. Since then, Kajeet has grown to service multiple markets where control (for safety, cost and purpose-driven use) is important to customers. Michael's role merely reflects the growing importance placed on mobile learning and the services/capabilities Kajeet brings to manage cost, safety and educational use. Michael says to stay tuned for more information on Kajeet's unique offering(s) to the education market over the next few weeks. Also coming will be the launch of the Kajeet for Education website. I especially love the About Us section of Kajeet's website - it states: In A Nutshell: We Believe Kids Are Smart. I love that! Let's watch for the news, but for now, you can send congratulations to Michael on his new role at

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) is pleased to have Ed Gloninger join their team. Ed has been hired as CoSN's Certification Coordinator/Office Assistant to assist in the creation and administration of CoSN's new certification program and to help CoSN with general office duties. Ed's experience in project and database management as well as his effective and engaging customer service focus will be an asset to the CoSN team. It is great to see him join the wonderful CoSN team! Send congratulations to Ed on his new position at

And Robin Blakely has joined digital publishing solutions provider Aptara as Vice President of Education. She was most recently Vice President, Editor-in-Chief, 6-12 Mathematics at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Robin will be working out of Aptara's Boston office. Join me in congratulating her on her new role!

From our friend, Yvonne Ruwe, I have two pieces of news this week, one happy and one sad. I am so happy to report that Yvonne is joining Curriculum Associates as an Instructional Technology Consultant. The position allows her to continue to work out of her home in Oklahoma and combine her sales and marketing backgrounds. I think this is a wonderful company, and they are fortunate to get a talent like Yvonne to join their team. She reports how impressed she is with the people, products and vision of the company, and she is looking forward to starting the new job on May 2nd.

But in sad news, Yvonne has lost her mother after her three-year fight with ovarian cancer. Yvonne had been able to spend a lot of time with her mom in recent months and was with her and their family when she passed away at home. Yvonne shared with me how, as members of DOLS, we are a group of strong and determined women. She said she learned these qualities from her mother, adding that she has been overwhelmed with stories from people who shared how her mother blessed their lives and helped them. Yvonne was blessed with a special mother. I know you congratulate her on her wonderful new job and join me in keeping her in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. You may reach out to Yvonne at or e-mail me at if you would like her postal mailing address.

How talented are our friends!

Who knew our friends, Monty and Laurie Swiryn, Cuesta Technologies, were so artistically talented? This is very cool! First, let me share an article that appeared in their local newspaper talking about the art and related activities they participate in in their free time—be sure to read it. Monty and Laurie are exhibiting 18 photographs (his!) and paintings (hers!) in a Couple's Art Show throughout April at La Di Da in Half Moon Bay, California. An artists' reception is scheduled from 1:00-3:00 pm, this Saturday, April 23rd, at the café. They are involved in the Colony of Coastside Artists, a group of about 60 local resident members. Monty and Laurie have also partnered with La Nebbia Winery to hold a series of "Art, Wine and Music" events on alternate Sunday afternoons starting with a Mothers' Day event set for 1:00-4:00 on Sunday, May 8th, at La Nebbia. I pressed on to see samples, since I can't get to Half Moon Bay this weekend. You can see some of Monty's amazing photos and Laurie's beautiful paintings online. You will notice Monty's sample is larger, and Laurie explained that though she lives with a creative photographer, getting him to take pictures of her paintings is hard. Ha! I know you will be impressed with their talent. Let them know at and

More family news from friends....

Farimah Schuerman, Managing Partner, Academic Business Advisors, LLC, has happy news. Her daughter, Kian (what a beautiful name!) is getting married tomorrow, April 23rd, at Farimah's home. Farimah reports that it is a pretty non-traditional event, very small and that they are all thrilled. And to add to the happiness, her son is home from Costa Rica to stand up for his sister. Send Farimah best wishes on her happy family news at

And I enjoyed connecting this week with Eileen Shihadeh-Shald, VP of Marketing at eInstruction. She sent along the cutest pictures of her adorable daughter Isabella, with one of them of Bella sporting a cute little University of Texas hook ‘em horns outfit. She knew I would love that! I sent back pics of granddaughter Makenzie in her pink rodeo hat and boots and one of her in clear distress sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap! You can check in with Eileen at

The Snoop has a gift suggestion!

With Mother's Day approaching, I have a gift suggestion—it's really a present a Mommy can give her child. The book is called Pocket Kisses, and it reinforces the idea that if Mommy has to go away for a while, her love doesn't leave with her. With the book, Mommy leaves kisses her little girl or boy can actually hold if needed. There are boo-boo kisses, bedtime kisses and more. It is the most beautiful and meaningful book and one I plan to give my daughter one day in the not too distant future to give to her little girl. What I especially love—this book was written by Willa Perlman, Managing Partner and founder of Ligature Partners, Inc., a boutique executive search and consulting firm with a practice specialty in publishing, education, and media. Many of you know Willa well—did you know she was a children's book author? Pocket Kisses, published by LB Kids/Little Brown in January 2011, is Willa's first book. I understand her second book, Goodnight, World, will be published this summer by Beach Lane/Simon & Schuster. I can't wait to read it! Let Willa know you are impressed at

Before you head out for the weekend, if you haven't already done so, don't miss your chance to vote for EdNET's Best "Leaders to Watch". There has been a flurry of voting activity, and I can't wait to see who the top 5 "Leaders to Watch" will be! EdNET's Best will be announced on May 25th in a special edition of EdNET News Alerts and via social media announcements. The top five leaders will receive recognition at EdNET 2011, September 25-27 in Denver, Colorado.

Voting closes today, April 22nd at 5:00 PM PDT

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I am looking forward to Makenzie's first Easter Egg hunt on Saturday at her home and then Sunday in church and with all of our family. I hope your weekend is equally special. Till next week...Vicki. The Snoop