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Office Depot, Inc. Partners with CT School District

Office Depot, Inc. announced that education solution experts from its new “Committed to Learning” initiative are working with Wallingford Public Schools to design 10 kindergarten and pre-kindergarten classes, and to enable electronic collaboration with interactive touchscreens in classrooms across all grade levels. Read More »

PBS To Launch Free 24/7 Multiplatform PBS KIDS Services

PBS announced that it will launch new 24/7 children’s services later this year. Provided by local stations, the free services include a new TV channel and live stream on digital platforms. PBS stations across the nation will be able to broadcast PBS KIDS shows 24 hours a day on an additional television channel and offer a live stream, making it easy for children to watch their favorite series during primetime and other after-school hours when viewing among families is high. Read More »

West's SchoolMessenger Launches TCPA Resource Center

West Corporation's trusted platform for school community engagement, SchoolMessenger today announced the creation of a web-based clearinghouse of materials designed to help school districts improve their understanding of, and compliance with, updated federal regulations for when they communicate with parents. Read More »

Shmoop Releases Computer Science and Technology Courses

Shmoop is at the ready with a suite of computer science courses. Shmoop's goal? To give students the skills they need to land a job and...not bring about the apocalypse. Shmoop stands out from the pack with its unique brand of humor and pop culture-savvy curriculum that brings the material to life. Read More »

Mimio Expands Multi-Touch Surfaces to Nine Feet and More

To enable educators to create interactive learning environments despite budget and resource limitations, Mimio has created two new laser touch projectors: the MimioProjector™ 320LT touch projector and the MimioProjector™ 3200LT ultra-wide projector. Read More »

Students Share Their Ed Tech Insights in the PR with Panache! Storytelling Suite

As part of its Storytelling Suite at TCEA 2016, PR with Panache! hosted its second Youth Voice Panel on February 3, 2016. The event gave a standing-room only audience of educators, vendors, and the education media a chance to hear how students really use technology for learning-and what teachers can do to make tech tools work better in the classroom. Read More »

New School Leadership Toolkit Advances Digital Equity Nationwide

To improve digital equity in school systems nationwide, CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) today launched the Digital Equity Action Toolkit for district leaders. Introduced through CoSN’s new Digital Equity Action Agenda leadership initiative, the toolkit provides school system leaders with thoughtful strategies to address and narrow the “homework gap” in their communities. Read More »

Jousting in the Name of STEM

Pitsco Education has created activities around siege machines for many years, but its newest activity focuses on a different medieval facet: gravity jousting. In the gravity jousting activity, students design and construct a jousting vehicle powered by gravity. Read More »

SpotOn™ Announces Digital Content Partnership Program;

The SpotOn Digital Content Partnership Program provides up to $50,000 in matching funds to selected school districts to assist with content selection decisions and professional learning opportunities that focus on the evaluation of digital content. Through this partnership, participating school districts will have their selected content reviewed using SpotOn’s academically validated rubric Read More »

New CTL NL6x Extra-Rugged Chromebook for Education

Introducing the new CTL NL6x Extra-Rugged Chromebook for Education! This Chromebook has been fortified with a pressure-resistant cover that also doubles as a whiteboard! The new CTL NL6x is being offered for just $269, including one free year of accidental damage warranty. With this extra-rugged device, CTL has combined increased durability with all the great features educators have come to love in the NL6.CTL Read More »