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DynEd Delivers a New User Experience for ELL

DynEd International, Inc. announced a redesigned user experience for its professional English learning courseware DynEd Pro, making it easier for its clients around the globe to achieve fluency with its English language learning solutions. Throughout its history, DynEd has built the most efficient English learning solution that constantly challenges and adapts to every learner, and provides the shortest path to English fluency possible. Read More »

Recorded Books Announces Partnership with OnePlay

Recorded Books, Inc. has partnered with OnePlay to provide public libraries with access to downloadable video games. Launched earlier this summer, OnePlay for Libraries is now live at participating libraries. OnePlay for Libraries offers a digital gaming service that enables users to instantly download and play unlimited Android and PC games for free. Read More »

PCS Edventures! Announces K12 Robotics System Upgrades

PCS Edventures!.com, Inc. announced impending updates to its robotics software and hardware platform. The PCS Edventures! Robotics system is comprised of The Brain, a highly versatile micro-controller and the Cortex, an engaging and easy-to-use programming environment that makes programming fun. Read More »

eBackpack Partners with Turnitin

eBackpack, Inc., the leading cloud-based learning management system provider, has partnered with Turnitin, LLC, a leader in originality checking and plagiarism prevention, to offer ever increasing capabilities to transform education. eBackpack always strives to simplify teaching and to make learning more engaging and this partnership is another effective way of meeting the needs of students and teachers. Read More »

Athens City Schools Takes Lead in Providing Virtual School Option to AL Students

Opening in time for the 2015-2016 school year, the Athens Renaissance School (ARS) is a full-time online and blended public school for students in grades K-12 who can benefit from a highly flexible, personalized learning model. For the new school, Athens City Schools partnered with Fuel Education™ (FuelEd™) for its broad catalog of award-winning, standards-based online courses that will be taught by both Athens City Schools teachers and FuelEd's certified teachers... Read More »

Britannica Publishes New e-Books for Schools

Britannica Digital Learning has just published seventy new e-books for grades preK-12 on a wide range of school subjects. The new titles, which join Britannica's current e-book collection of more than 1,100 volumes, cover a wide range of school subjects, including history, biography, civics and government, sports and animals. Special series focus on biotechnology, history and visual and performing arts. Read More »

Epiphany Learning Launches Version 2.0 of Personalized Learning App

Epiphany Learning™ launched version 2.0 of its Epiphany Learning Personalized Learning Application. A year of research observing how learners, teachers and administrators use the student-centric, K-12 web-based personalized learning application inspired a number of pioneering upgrades enhancing the application’s performance for its users. Read More »

JogNog Partners with Microsoft

JogNog announced that its system for assessment and practice is now fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365. As an Office 365 Education Solution, JogNog provides the ability for students, teachers, and administrators to authenticate using Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory and the OAuth2 protocol, offering convenient one-click login for users ... Read More »

Knewton Launches Free & Open Adaptive Learning—for Everyone

Knewton announced the launch of its free, open personalized learning platform. For the first time, any individual can create or use state-of-the-art supplemental lessons to provide students with unique learning paths in real-time. Knewton’s adaptive-learning platform transforms any content into the best data-rich version of itself, then bundles together those pieces of content that are best for each student based on exactly what she knows and how she learns best. Read More »

Vernier Launches Its Fall 2015 Data-Collection Workshop Series

This fall, Vernier Software & Technology will offer 36 free, regional, hands-on workshops to help both novice and seasoned science and STEM educators alike learn various ways to integrate data-collection technology into their curricula. During each four-hour workshop, an experienced training specialist will work alongside educators to help them explore classroom-ready experiments using award-winning computer and handheld technology from Vernier. Read More »