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Knewton Pioneers New Personalized Print Learning Solutions in Collaboration with HP

Knewton unveiled Personalized Print Learning Solutions with HP to make adaptive learning materials seamlessly available across print and digital platforms. With Personalized Print Learning Solutions, publishers will be able to create adaptive educational materials, including personalized print chapters of textbooks, worksheets, or assignments for schools and colleges that primarily rely on print textbooks. Read More »

JAMF Software Powers Apple Device Management for Schools

JAMF Software, the leader in Apple device management, today announced a new release of the Casper Suite, with features that enhance Apple device management in schools. The new capabilities help IT in education environments deploy and manage Mac, iPhone and iPad devices simply, effectively and at low cost, making the most of often limited resources. Read More »

Research Shows Technology Has the Potential To Reshape Adult Education

Thirty-six million American adults lack the basic skills required for meaningful employment in today's workforce, and only a fraction are served by existing educational programs. New research finds a huge opportunity waiting to be tapped by providing technology that could dramatically improve and expand education opportunities for underprepared adults, and in the process meet critical U.S. workforce needs. Read More »

Gearhead Contest To Highlight Original TETRIX® Builds

Robotics enthusiasts create amazing robots, whether for competition or for the fun of building. At the TETRIX® Robotics website, we want to see those robots and how they were built. Starting in April, Pitsco Education kicks off the TETRIX Gearhead Award, a quarterly contest where participants upload their unique build to the TETRIX Robotics Builds section. Read More »

How One EdTech Company Is Helping with ‘Homework Anxiety’

Homework anxiety is a real issue that can lead to family-wide meltdowns, but Learning Bird, a cloud-based differentiated learning application, is stepping up to help solve the issue. Learning Bird empowers students to solve their own homework problems by using a proprietary algorithm that recommends crowd-sourced, teacher-generated lessons specific to students’ individual needs and aligned to their local curriculum standards. Read More »

TN Districts Enhance Security with the Raptor System

Three school districts in Tennessee have enhanced school security by changing the way administrators manage visitors entering school buildings. Shelby County, Maury County and Rutherford County School Districts have all implemented visitor management software produced by Raptor Technologies... Read More »

District Advances Personalized Learning with icurio

Ross Local School District in Ohio has selected icurio, our learning engagement solution, as a key component of its 1:1 Personalized Learning Initiative. Created by Knovation, the leader in advanced personalized learning solutions, icurio delivers quality, standards-aligned Open Educational Resources (OER) that are relevant to each grade, subject area and learner. Read More » Platform Earns IMS Global Learning Consortium Certification

The Platform is now certified by the IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS Global) for Thin Common Cartridge™ v1.3 as an export tool. utilizes this capability to enhance the functionality of Curriculum Foundry. Once districts have created their own curriculum using Curriculum Foundry, they can now export content via Thin Common Cartridge to learning management systems that support Thin Common Cartridge imports. Read More »

Texthelp Announces Teach for Google

Texthelp announced Teach for Google (, the first comprehensive professional development solution that helps educators increase student achievement using proven tools and strategies within the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) environment. Texthelp is also announcing it is now a Google for Education Partner. Read More »

Edmentum's EducationCity Introduces Computing for Elementary Schools

Edmentum, a leading provider of online learning solutions, announced computing as a new subject available in EducationCity, a foundational learning program for grades pre-K through 6. The new subject provides a friendly introduction to computer science, digital literacy, and information technology using engaging, interactive content. Read More »