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Sprint To Support White House ConnectED Initiative

Beginning Sept. 1, 2014, Sprint (NYSE:S) will begin a four-year commitment to provide wireless broadband connectivity for 50,000 low-income K-12 students across the U.S. With access to high-speed broadband, students can obtain more rigorous and engaging classes, new learning resources, rich visualizations of complex concepts and instruction in any foreign language. Read More »

Vernier Software & Technology Partners with KidWind

As part of its commitment to science and STEM education, as well as renewable energy, Vernier Software & Technology has partnered with KidWind, the international leader of clean energy education. Vernier will integrate its award-winning sensors and data-collection devices into KidWind's wind turbine and solar energy kits, which will now be sold by Vernier. Read More »

Vernier Introduces New Sensors for Hands-On Data Collection

Vernier Software & Technology introduces new sensors for high school and college-level instruction. The Motion Encoder System, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Emissions Spectrometer, Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Sensor, and Potassium Ion-Selective Electrode allow for engaging investigations across multiple science disciplines. Read More »

Mentoring Minds’ Website Optimized for Teachers on the Go

To meet teachers' needs anytime, anywhere, Mentoring Minds optimized its website, becoming one of the first in education to be completely mobile-friendly. The Mentoring Minds website combines an innovative mix of adaptive and responsive design, which allows educators to view and use it on all mobile devices, regardless of screen size, operating system or model. Read More »

Belkin's Portable Tablet Stage

Belkin unveiled its new portable version of Stage™ which transforms tablets or smart phones into interactive digital creation and presentation tools. Belkin will demonstrate Portable Tablet Stage and other products designed for education at TCEA 2014. Read More »

Belkin Introduces Secure Wired Keyboards

Belkin introduced today its new Secure Wired Keyboard for iPad, Lightning iPad and Samsung tablets, designed for classroom and standardized testing environments. Belkin will demonstrate the new wired keyboard and other products designed for education at TCEA 2014. Read More »

Pitsco Education Kits Featured in Hardware Science Programs

Pitsco Education kits are appearing across the country in Ace Hardware stores that offer Hardware Science projects. Hardware Science is a program available to Ace retailers that encourages children to explore science in an everyday setting, using products and instructions found at their neighborhood hardware store. Read More »

Silverback Learning Launches Parent Portal School Districts

Silverback Learning Solutions announces the launch of Silverback Mileposts Parent Portal, a comprehensive parent and student resource, which will be included in every subscription of Mileposts. The new solution provides parents with clear insights to their children's available education assessment data... Read More »

Illinois School Identified as Best Practice User of Tablet Technology

St. Peter School, Geneva, Illinois has been identified as a school of excellence in terms of its adoption and implementation of tablet technology into the school's learning environment. At a time of media reporting on mixed success with various tablet technologies in schools, St. Peter School has been acknowledged by the leading international, educationally aligned tablet solution supplier, LearnPad, as an example of best practice use. Read More »

Samsung Announces New Galaxy Tab for Education

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. announced plans to launch a new Galaxy Tab exclusively developed for education, which will be available for K-12 school deployments for the 2014-2015 academic year. Launching as part of the Google Play for Education program, the tablet will offer simple set up and device management, access to curated educational content, and other features to support dynamic, digital teaching and learning Read More »