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EasyBib Provides Free PD for Information Literacy

There are many other aspects of information literacy and educational technology that need a deeper, more complex treatment - especially for those who work with the students. Imagine Easy Solutions (EasyBib) provides the solution with its free, bi-monthly, Professional Development Webinar Series co-hosted live by leading educators, librarians and ed-tech influencers in the field. Read More »

TX Technology Director Reflects on Classroom Audio Investment

Today, what was once a small pilot program in a few Harlingen schools is a district-wide success story. Students are more engaged and attentive than ever, thanks to the speaker systems built directly into the ceiling of every elementary classroom. Read More »

Knovation Announces IMS Global Certification of Digital Learning Solutions

Knovation announces the IMS Global Certification of its learning engagement applications, netTrekker and icurio. Both Knovation services are compliant with Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)™ v1.0, which enables the products to seamlessly integrate with existing classroom technologies. Read More »

Pacific Metrics Awarded New Patent for Plagiarism Detection Method

Pacific Metrics Corporation is working to solve the issue of plagiarism in online assessment. Using its expertise in research and assessment, Pacific Metrics has developed a computer-based method for detecting plagiarism in an assessment environment, for which it was awarded a new patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Read More »

edWeb.Report on the Use of Online Networks by Preservice Teachers

Pathways to Participation for Preservice Teachers reports on the use of social media services by new teachers. The report examines how online networks help preservice and new teachers connect with inservice educators, providing them with the knowledge, resources, mentoring, and general support necessary to succeed in the classroom. Read More »

Infinitely Virtual Introduces Premium Cloud Hosting Plan

The company’s “Virtual Terminal Server – Premium (EDU)” Plan is the second of what will eventually be four academic market offerings from Infinitely Virtual. Under the plan, users can access applications and data from anywhere in the world – an ideal solution for those who need to tap into centralized resources from home, campus or another remote location. Read More »

EBSCO Information Services Creates Open Policy for Data Sharing

EBSCO Information Services has released its new policy on metadata sharing and technology collaboration. EBSCO will make all metadata (and full text when contractually allowed) available for more than 120 full-text databases and 500,000+ e-books, as well as over 50 historical digital archives to third party discovery services. Read More »

Pacific Metrics’ Unity Platform Earns IMS Assessment Conformance Certification

The success of technology solutions that support the digital classroom is paramount to the future of K–12 education. A key component of the digital classroom is the transition from paper-and-pencil to online assessments. Pacific Metrics Corporation is confirming its commitment to this important step through the successful completion of the IMS Global Learning Consortium Assessment Conformance Certification for its Unity™ platform. Read More »

MakerBot Adds 3D Printable Curriculum Content to Thingiverse for Teachers

The MakerBot Pyramid of Giza 3D model is a free download from the MakerBot Academy curriculum page on Thingiverse® and is the second addition of curriculum-based models that MakerBot has created to support its initiative to put MakerBot® Replicator® Desktop 3D Printers in every school in the United States Read More »

Califone Releases Ear Bud Headphones

The demand for audio equipment in the classroom continues to grow, as students increasingly turn to online instruction and mobile devices for language learning. The new E2 and E3 Ear Buds from Califone International, Inc., a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of audiovisual (AV) and supplemental curriculum products for use in education, are designed to meet this demand. Read More »