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Califone’s Hush Buddy Provides Comfortable Hearing Protection

New Earmuffs Help Students with Auditory Sensitivity To Concentrate

San Fernando, Calif. (Oct. 10, 2011) – The Hush Buddy line of protective gear from Califone(R) International, Inc., is designed to block out the maximum amount of external noise while their playful images engage students, encouraging them to wear the ear muffs. With a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 27dB, each lets in 24.2 percent less sound than the closest competitive item, due in part to its smaller ear cups and headband that are designed to fit children rather than standard hearing protectors that are designed for adults. For every 3 decibel (dB) increase, actual acoustic energy doubles – significantly decreasing the length of time your ears can safely withstand exposure to the sound pressure level.

For some students who have heightened auditory sensitivities, random classroom sounds, such as florescent lights or paper shuffling, can’t be as easily filtered out and can cause adverse reactions, including a “fight or flight” response. Wearing a Hush Buddy can help minimize or avoid such events, assisting the teacher in addressing students’ needs and improving the overall classroom setting. Other students may want quieter environments for more focused activities to stay more readily on task, such as during reading time or taking tests.

Each of the three Hush Buddy designs (Bear, Panda and Tiger) has a padded and adjustable headband with ear cups that go around, rather than rest on, the students’ ears to block out the maximum external noise. Cushiony ear pads make them extremely comfortable, and they can be worn for longer periods of time. The Hush Buddy gear is also foldable for easy storage when not in use.

The introduction of the Hush Buddy line and its industry-leading protective features is a result of the 5-year collaborative relationship between Califone and the American Speech-Language & Hearing Association. Califone continues its support for ASHA’s “Listen To Your Buds” campaign, which aims to educate teachers, parents and students about the proper use of personal audio technology and how to avoid noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), as well as for the annual Better Hearing & Speech month and the Safe Listening Concert series.

The protective abilities of a Hush Buddy offers a solution for parents wanting an added measure of precaution for their children, whether in loud settings such as watching fireworks, on noisy city streets, or in airplanes, where according to the Deafness Research Foundation, airline cabin noise can often be between 95 and 105 decibels, above the OSHA- and ASHA-recommended 85dB limit. The entire line is ANSI S3.19 tested and CE certified (meets EN352-1) for safety and comes with a one-year warranty.

The Hush Buddy line joins other protective hearing items including the Hearing Safe foam plugs and ear muffs. To order, contact a Califone dealer. For more information on the full line of Califone products designed for the education market, and safe for school and library use, call 1-800-722-0500, or visit to view and download the entire Califone catalog.

About Califone
Califone was founded in 1947 and continues to be a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of audiovisual and supplemental curriculum products for use in education, presentation and professional markets.  The company offers a complete line of audio solutions, wireless systems and multimedia products for small, medium and large presentation needs.  Califone serves millions of educators and children in the PreK through higher education school environments, and has expanded to serve business and industry, houses of worship, parks and recreation, and other presentation markets as well.