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ClassLink Announces Single Sign-On and OneRoster Integration with BrainPOP

Commitment Signals Growing Trend among Curriculum Leaders To Embrace ClassLink Partner Model

Clifton, NJ - February 7, 2017 - ClassLink, the leader in single sign-on and rostering solutions for schools, has added BrainPOP to the list of leading edtech companies with which it integrates. This integration will provide millions of educators and students with secure, OneClick access to BrainPOP, one of education's most trusted online learning providers.

ClassLink OneClick delivers single sign-on to Windows, Google, and web applications like BrainPOP, and instant access to files at school and in the cloud. With nearly 5,000 single sign-on connectors ClassLink has brought together more resources than all other single sign-on platforms combined. ClassLink OneRoster easily and securely delivers class rosters to any publisher using open technology standards.

The ClassLink integration will provide an easy path to BrainPOP's personalized learning features, including concept mapping and other student creation tools; creative reflection and playful assessment options; customizable quizzes; and an ever-expanding list of other cross-curricular features.

ClassLink CEO, Berj Akian said, "BrainPOP is a standout among digital learning companies, having built a global following. Their commitment to working with ClassLink via open tech standards demonstrates how companies can work together in ways that benefit everyone, including schools, publishers, and technology providers."

"The integration of ClassLink and BrainPOP is a great illustration of how companies can work together to leverage technology that increases access for students and teachers," said Joe Catania, Instructional Technology Specialist for Newburgh Enlarged School District in New York. "Newburgh supports their use of open tech standards and encourages all providers - content and technology alike - to find more ways to collaborate."

For single sign-on, ClassLink and BrainPOP are leveraging LTI to provide a rich integration of two world-class providers. The companies are utilizing OneRoster, an open technology standard from IMS Global Learning Consortium, enabling schools to securely and seamlessly provision rosters.

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ClassLink empowers students and teachers with instant access to their learning resources. ClassLink OneClick includes a library of over 5,000 single sign-on apps and instant links to file folders at school and on Google, Office 365, and Dropbox cloud drives. ClassLink OneRoster easily and securely delivers class rosters to any publisher using open technology standards. ClassLink Analytics gives decision makers the usage data they need. Accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone, ClassLink is ideal for 1to1 and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. Follow us on Twitter @ClassLink. 

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