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NeoLithix Announces Call for Educators To Earn Royalties

Earn Royalties Creating Digital Educational Content for iPad Apps!

Dallas, TX - NeoLithix, a 21st century educational e-Publisher, creators of the Space Board App, announce the kick-off of their Teacher-Author Program - an innovative, patent-pending system to publish learning content -- created by classroom teachers -- as iPad apps. NeoLithix currently has hundreds of in-house developed digital workbooks, which are sold around the globe on Apple’s iTunes App Store. With the launch of the Teacher-Author Program, NeoLithix takes their content offering to the next level.

ABOUT SPACE BOARDS: Space Board Apps contain quality educational content based on sound educational fundamentals: self-paced, guilt-free repetition, instant self-checking, and writing by hand … ON the iPad, with a stylus (digital pen).

HOW TEACHERS BENEFIT: The media is rife with recent reports concerning the uncertain futures facing today’s educators due to budget cuts, layoffs and low pay (stories here and here). With NeoLithix content creation, teachers and educators of all subjects and languages - around the world - earn royalties by creating and submitting digital content.

NEOLITHIX TEACHER-AUTHOR TEAM BLAZES A TRAIL: The newest team is in place! Indiana teachers Sally Hale, Wendy Dollarhide and Heather Bailey have teamed up with artist Terry Moore to develop 36 “Life Skills” digital workbooks for students with special needs. Sally, a special education teacher for almost 30 years, recently searched for high-tech digital educational materials to motivate and engage her students. Her search yielded few results. She says,“With the recent iPad roll-out in our school district, I wanted to find apps that related to functional academics, life skills, and independent living skills. What I found was that there was nothing out there in these areas.”This led Sally to add "creator of educational iPad apps" to her professional resume!

Team Sally’s new digital Space Board workbooks, the “Lunar” series, will be available for purchase from NeoLithix on iTunes sometime after January 1, 2012. NeoLithix’s president and inventor of the Space Board learning system, Michael Sanford, applauded the Team, saying, “Sally’s group is the most perfect example of how educators can do well (financially) while doing good in the world, creating new content that addresses the needs of thousands of students.”

Sanford continues: “NeoLithix envisions teachers around the world creating a new generation of 21st-century digital learning content. The iPad is the first embodiment of a relatively low-cost, portable digital learning device that -- with our educational apps installed -- can be written on digitally and used by students everywhere. The science of muscle-memory learning is compelling: ”writing by hand DOES make kids smarter” (read two recent articles here and here). Sadly, too few children are writing by hand today. Letting them write digitally on an iPad makes learning fun. And when learning is fun, kids don’t want to stop!”

CONTACT: For more info, visit the NeoLithix website: For photo ops and / or interviews, contact Michael Sanford, Inventor and CEO, by email at or by phone at 877 221-9125 (office) or 214 205-3839 (cell). Teachers may contact NeoLithix Content Development Committee through the company website.

PURCHASE APPS: Space Board Apps are currently available for students PreK - 6th Grade, featuring Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts.