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New Online Learning System Enables BlueSky Online School To Aid Students Based on Real-Time Engagement Data

Minnesota Charter School's New Lms Based on Widely Accepted Educational Technologies; Enables Increased Insight into Student Progress and Greater Teacher and Staff Efficienc

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 15, 2011/VIA PRNewswire/ -- BlueSky Online School, Minnesota's first online public charter school, today announced it has deployed a new learning management system (LMS) that will help the school realize its vision of creating and offering an individualized, dynamic and quality education for all students.

The online school's new LMS is comprised of a streamlined student information system, Genius SIS, and an open-source based online classroom and learning environment, Moodle Rooms. The combination of these technologies gives teachers and staff insight into student work and progress, such as time spent logged in and actively reviewing material, test and quiz taking, and communications of various types and formats. It then uses that data to display a student's current status and progress to parents and counselors.

"BlueSky staff reviewed a number of different online learning systems and education technologies, and found this combination offered us the most flexibility and richest feature set," said school director Don Hainlen. "Not only does it provide a dashboard for a meaningful snapshot of a student's progress in every class, but provides timely insights that can be acted on early by teachers, counselors and parents."

Moodle is a virtual learning environment that is used by thousands of educational organizations around the world, including major universities such as Arizona, Georgetown, Texas, and Wisconsin. It offers forums, databases and wikis that enable rich collaborative learning and subject matter content delivery to students.

"When you combine passionate teachers and caring staff with powerful technology, you can help change a young person's future through education," said Hainlen. "That's what BlueSky Online School is attempting to do, positively change a student's life."

About BlueSky Online School
BlueSky Online School is a leading online public charter school that offers an alternative learning option for a wide range of students throughout Minnesota.  BlueSky's unique personal approach to online learning is unmatched by other online high schools. The three-person teams of caring professionals offer students the support and one-on-one attention they need to succeed. Contact the school at 651-642-0888, or visit the school's Web site at

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