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NEW TeachTown®: Basics 2.0 Educational Software for Autism

NEW TeachTown®: Basics 2.0 Educational Software for Autism;Computer Aided Instruction Motivates Students with Autism To Learn Language, Math, and Social Skills Curriculum

December 1, 2010 - Los Angeles, CA - TeachTown, Inc., an educational software company that develops world-class animated, computer aided instruction (CAI), announces the new TeachTown®: Basics 2.0, a fun and innovative curriculum for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). 
TeachTown®: Basics is aligned to early learning standards, is adaptive and prescriptive, and uniquely designed for students with autism, speech and language impairments, developmental delay, and other special needs with a developmental age of 2 to 7 years. TeachTown®: Basics can be used in one-on-one instruction, small groups, or whole class activities.

Based on ten years of proven scientific research and methodologies that include ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), this educational software provides more than 800 engaging On Computer Lessons and Off Computer Activities that deliver thousands of learning concepts to cover six essential learning domains: 
1) Language Development
2) Language Arts
3) Adaptive Skills
4) Cognitive Skills
5) Mathematics
6) Social and Emotional Skills

TeachTown®: Basics software uses artificial intelligence to prescribe the curriculum and adjusts delivery based on the individual student's learning style and progress. At appropriate intervals, each student is motivated with animated games and rewards. 
Students like the colorful, playful world of TeachTown which they share with four animated companions: Jelly, an over achiever; Pico, a shy guy; Mochi, a great friend but a bit absent-minded; and Ginger, a fun adventurer. 

Teachers appreciate the automatic student data assessment system that tracks results and prints reports for each student's IEP (Individual Education Plan). TeachTown®: Basics is ideal for early intervention and for reinforcing improved behavior at school and at home. 

In 2000, co-founder Dan Feshbach, a father of a child with autism, created Animated Speech Corporation to build software products for children with autism. In 2003, Dr. Christina Whalen, PhD, BCBA-D, Chief Science Officer of TeachTown, co-founded TeachTown while working at the University of Washington Autism Center.  Animated Speech Corporation merged with TeachTown in 2006.  In 2009, Terry Thoren, a gifted animation storyteller and CEO of TeachTown, rounded out the executive team. Thoren's accomplishments include bringing Rugrats, a blockbuster television series, to global prominence during his tenure as CEO at Klasky Csupo.   

"TeachTown is founded on a life-long desire of many talented individuals to make a big difference in the lives of students with autism," said Dr. Christina Whalen. "Our software combines rigorous curriculum with proven research and the latest animation technology to make learning fun and enjoyable. We are determined to help students with exceptionalities reach new levels of academic achievement, along with improved behavior and social skills and a brighter future."

TeachTown®: Basics runs on Mac OS 10+ and Windows XP and 7. It requires internet access and is touch screen compatible. An annual single student license starts at $325 with significant discounts for multiple licenses and multiple years. Subscriptions for TeachTown®: Basics can also be purchased for in-home use. Gift certificates for in-home use are currently available for the holiday season.

Watch a TeachTown®: Basics product demo now.  Visit or call 1-800-283-0165 to request a quote and to learn more about this outstanding company and its products. 

About TeachTown, Inc.
TeachTown, Inc. is an innovative education company that develops world-class computer aided instruction and new media products to address the needs of schools, families, and clinicians serving students with autism and other special needs. Our curriculum uses evidence-based best practices from Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Speech and Language Pathology therapy, and developmental psychology to teach a wide range of meaningful skills. TeachTown offers the first and only software for students with autism that combines a rigorous curriculum with broadcast quality animation. Research supporting the TeachTown curriculum was funded by grants from the National Center for Technology Innovation of the U.S. Department of Education.

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