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Student Academic Success Gets Boost from Resiliency Education App

Helping Students Better Cope with Life's Challenges; Teen Wellness Joins Forces with Naviance To Create Holistic Support for Students

Arlington, VA and San Francisco, CA, October 5, 2011- Teen Wellness, the online app that helps students improve resiliency skills, is now integrated with Naviance, the leading provider of measurable student success solutions for K-12 schools and districts, through Naviance Succeed®. This integration will allow school staff and administrators to provide holistic academic, career and emotional support to students using a single, integrated platform.

Developed by Mevident, Inc., Teen Wellness’s integration with Succeed’s NavStore™ marketplace gives Naviance Network members access to Mevident’s proprietary educational materials for resiliency skills, including 13 chapters of interactive lessons, homework exercises and character stories for use in school.

“While the relationship between mental health and student performance is not new, a system that puts them together in actual operation is certainly new and exciting,” says Dr. Benjamin Van Voorhees, chief, section of general pediatrics and adolescent medicine at University of Illinois, Chicago, and technical advisor to Mevident.

“This integration delivers superior benefits for students,” says Mevident Chief Executive Officer Asako Tsumagari. "It helps students work through relationship problems, behavioral issues and psychological barriers that distract them from schoolwork in a safe online environment where they can also manage their academic and career plans.”

“Naviance clients are committed to creating the optimal environment for their students to reach their maximum potential,” remarked Stephen M. Smith, president of Naviance. “Adding Teen Wellness on the NavStore provides our Naviance Network members with the ability to address the whole child by working with students to impact not just academic but also emotional milestones.”

About Mevident, Inc.
Headquartered in South San Francisco, CA, Mevident provides holistic and integrative wellness plans and resources to help people lead healthy lives. Serving the private health insurance industry, Mevident works with wellness practitioners to reduce incidence of disease among employees of businesses and organizations. In the public and private education sector, Mevident is the developer of Teen Wellness, a web platform solution that optimizes the delivery of resiliency skill education from counselor to student.

About Naviance, Inc.
Naviance, a Hobsons company, is the leading provider of measurable student success solutions for K-12 schools. Serving more than 200,000 educators and 4 million students across nearly 5,400 schools in 82 countries, Naviance provides student-centric tools for course, career, college and success planning. Naviance Succeed users are representative of the diverse variety of institutions providing K-12 education, from schools in large urban public school districts and suburban private schools to small rural public schools. Established in 2002, Naviance’s mission is to help every student graduate from high school prepared for success in post-secondary education and the twenty-first century workplace. For more information visit