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Thinkwell: iPad Offers New Possibilities for Math Education

AUSTIN, Texas--(via BUSINESS WIRE)--Thinkwell, the leading provider of web-based video instruction, has released Video Calculus, the first video-based instructional calculus app developed specifically for the iPad.

Amy Bryant, Thinkwell’s co-founder and VP of Development, said, “It’s been a lot of fun working with the iPad. It offers a unique environment for presenting educational material that is perfect for the video-centered teaching we do at Thinkwell. We’re always looking for ways to use technology to make education more effective, so it’s a perfect fit for us.”

Based in Austin, TX, Thinkwell began making educational materials in 1997, when online education was a new idea that few publishers were pursuing. One of the goals central to Thinkwell’s original mission was breaking away from the traditional textbook model by using streaming video to connect talented teachers with more students; their biggest obstacles were the limits of technology at the time, especially the rarity of high-bandwidth Internet connections. With the increasing availability and speed of the Internet, as well as improvements in personal computers, Thinkwell has been able to develop complete online courses for colleges, high schools and homeschool families. Earlier this year, Thinkwell began creating educational materials for mobile devices, introducing Video Biology for the iPhone.

Thinkwell’s CEO, Carl Tyson, said, “High-bandwidth, high-resolution mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad are exciting because they help us bring a better education to more students. We believe that an effective education centers on great teaching, and our goal has always been to help more students learn from the best teachers available. Mobile technology helps these teachers reach more students every day.”

The Video Calculus app includes a comprehensive set of topics from Calculus 1 and 2, and it can be customized to be a companion to any of the major calculus textbooks. The instructional video tutorials feature Dr. Edward Burger, the winner of this year’s Cherry Award for Great Teaching. The app includes full-color lecture notes and the ability to bookmark and notate videos, using the iPad’s high-quality video and touch technology to create a more accessible and engaging teaching environment.

Thinkwell will continue developing educational materials for mobile devices. For more information, please visit Thinkwell at

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