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Education International and European Students’ Union Launch Toolkit for Student-centred Learning

Aimed at staff, students and higher education institutions, the toolkit offers advice on the principles and definition of the concept as well as its practical implementation by academics and institutions. Co-written by a team of experts from both EI and ESU, the tool is the result of an initial desk study entitled Student-Learning Learning: An Insight into Theory and Practice..... Read More »

Promethean Launch Recycling Campaign

Promethean is launching 'Give Every Child a Voice', a recycling campaign among Scottish schools to support the NSPCC's ChildLine, the 24 hours-a-day helpline for children and young people. Promethean is bringing together schools across Scotland to help raise funds for ChildLine by recycling old or unwanted mobile phones Read More »

PCS Edventures! Announces Saudi Arabia Program Expansion

PCS Edventures!.com, Inc. announced additional orders for robotics, engineering, and technological literacy programs from the Al Riyadh School, a leading private school in Saudi Arabia that has partnered with PCS for several years. Materials required for the program expansion will begin shipping shortly, and Al Riyadh School students will commence studies in October. Read More »

Children Gain Computer Access for First Time Thanks To Low Cost Userful MultiSeat Linux

Userful Corporation announced that it's upcoming product, Userful MultiSeat Linux 2010™, has garnered an overwhelming demand in Latin America and Asia, despite not being commercially available until Q4 2010. The low cost and robustness of Userful's MultiSeat solution has evzen made it possible for schools in indigenous villages in Brazil... to provide computer access to students for the first time. Read More »

iParadigms Announces the Formation of iParadigms Europe Ltd

iParadigms, the creator of Turnitin® and iThenticate®, announces that nLearning Limited, their long-time exclusive European reseller of Turnitin and producers of the biennial International Plagiarism Conference, will become iParadigms Europe Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of iParadigms LLC, effective the first of October 2010. Read More »

Hello-Hello Establishes Leadership in International iPad App Market

Hello-Hello, an innovative language learning company, advances its international strategy and establishes leadership on mobile language learning worldwide with the addition of fully localized content and the launch of the Hello-Hello English language learning app. Read More »

SIF Association AU Welcomes Inaugural Member

Insight4 has become the very first SIF Association AU member. Insight4, an Australian based enterprise application development and ICT consulting company that undertake custom software development, systems integration and data management solutions architecture across a range of industries including education, utilities, finance, health and Government sectors. Read More »

ePals & L.E.A.P. Deliver Collaborative Learning Environment in Thailand;

ePals, Inc., and L.E.A.P Global Learning Systems have partnered to provide students and educators across Thailand with access to a safe online workspace and the largest online community of K-12 learners to facilitate collaboration in a controlled environment. Read More »

Aniguru Trains on Toon Boom in All Subjects

Toon Boom Animation Inc. today announced that Aniguru Animation Ltd, India’s premium training company, has adopted Toon Boom products to impart quality animation education from primary to high school across the Indian subcontinent. Read More »

First Educational Holodeck in the World Announced in Brazil

The creation of the world's first educational holodeck was announced at the pre-K to middle school campus of Colégio Atual, a school in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. The holodeck is a bare room that, through custom interactive computer software and hardware, can become, for example, the flight deck of an interplanetary spacecraft. Read More »