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Nepalese Children Enjoy STEM Activities on Mobile Devices

Citizen Science Sponsored by Cisco and Tribal Planet

KATHMANDU, Nepal, June 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- For the first time, Nepalese children will be able to access hands-on digital experiments, science competitions, and fun interactive STEM learning experiences for free on their smartphones, in their native Nepali.  Kids can compete to win lots of prizes as they learn about the world around them!

Sponsored by Cisco, Tribal Planet is thrilled to announce the release of the groundbreaking Citizen Science app in Nepal. The Nepali release of the Citizen Science app empowers the schoolchildren of Nepal to take part in science-based activities both in and out of the classroom, and rewards kids for their participation with redeemable points. Updated regularly by Tribal Planet's partner scientists around the world, Citizen Science activities utilize students' smart devices, with their wide array of built-in sensors, as data-collection tools to demonstrate the underlying laws and patterns that connect the natural world. In addition, these fun lessons transmit environmental and experimental data back to scientists, so the children of Nepal will themselves assist in global research initiatives while they learn.

Citizen Science content is fully gamified: students earn points as they participate in activities and competitions. Points may be exchanged for fun, important, and lasting rewards such as science kits, live music events, celebrity visits to local schools, and educational resources to give back to students' communities.

Current available rewards are shown at

Citizen Science is available for download on the Nepal App Store today.

About Tribal Planet:
Tribal Planet is a leading technology company responsible for 15 years of innovations in creating mobile markets and enhancing brand strategy. Tribal invented mobile ticketing, custom ringtones, augmented reality, and facilitated the first mobile music downloads. Led by CEO and former leading Apple developer Jeff Martin -- whom the San Francisco Chronicle dubbed Steve Jobs' "marketing whiz and protege" -- the company was in 2013 chosen for the Most Impactful Technology Partner Award by the UN Development Program.

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