EdNET Insight - Announcements http://www.ednetinsight.com en-us http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss Central by Imulus (http://imulus.com) info@ednetinsight.com 2015 School Librarian of the Year Award Winners Announced http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/2015-school-librarian-of-the-year-award-winners-announced.html School librarian Kristina Holzweiss of Bay Shore Middle School in Bay Shore, NY was named as the 2015 recipient of the School Library Journal (SLJ) School Librarian of the Year Award. Sponsored by Scholastic Library Publishing, this award honors K–12 school library professionals for outstanding achievement and the exemplary use of 21st-century tools and services to engage students toward fostering multiple literacies. ]]> Tuesday, August 25, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/2015-school-librarian-of-the-year-award-winners-announced.html Ninth Annual Lexus Eco Challenge Kicks Off http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/ninth-annual-lexus-eco-challenge-kicks-off.html The Lexus Eco Challenge is an excellent opportunity for middle and high school students across the U.S. to help clean the air, water, and land in their neighborhoods and beyond. Through the Lexus Eco Challenge, students will learn about the environment, teamwork and how they can take steps to make their communities better. ]]> Monday, August 17, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/ninth-annual-lexus-eco-challenge-kicks-off.html Raise Your Hand Texas Launches $2.5 Million Blended Learning Grant Initiative http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/raise-your-hand-texas-launches--2-5-million-blended-learning-grant-initiative.html Raise Your Hand Texas recently announced 75 semifinalist public schools and district applicants for its $2.5 million Raising Blended Learners grant initiative. Selected teams will attend two-day, expense-paid blended learning workshops in September and October 2015. Ten finalists chosen in January 2016 will receive assistance in refining their plans. ]]> Saturday, August 08, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/raise-your-hand-texas-launches--2-5-million-blended-learning-grant-initiative.html PBS Kids Announces 2015 National Writers Contest Winners http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/pbs-kids-announces-2015-national-writers-contest-winners.html PBS KIDS announced today 12 national winners in its annual Writers Contest. The 12 winners, in grades K-3, were selected by a panel of judges who chose them from thousands of local contest entries submitted by 63 participating PBS stations across the country. ]]> Saturday, August 08, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/pbs-kids-announces-2015-national-writers-contest-winners.html 2015 EDspaces Innovation Awards Now Open http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/2015-edspaces-innovation-awards-now-open.html The 2015 EDspaces Innovation Awards competition is now accepting submissions for outstanding products for educational facilities. For the third year, the Education Market Association (EDmarket) is partnering with the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) to recognize manufacturers for excellence in product design for the learning environment. ]]> Tuesday, August 04, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/2015-edspaces-innovation-awards-now-open.html Panasonic Announces Grand Prix Finalists for Kid Witness News Contest http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/panasonic-announces-grand-prix-finalists-for-kid-witness-news-contest.html Panasonic Corporation today announced the seven finalist schools representing seven countries for the Panasonic Kid Witness News (KWN) 2015 Global Contest. KWN is a hands-on video education program that Panasonic operates as part of its efforts to support education of future generations and is currently being promoted in 19 countries and regions. ]]> Tuesday, July 28, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/panasonic-announces-grand-prix-finalists-for-kid-witness-news-contest.html National Education Week Opens for Registration http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/national-education-week-opens-for-registration.html National Education Initiative (NEI) announced that 2015 event registration is open and released details of two interactive events. From November 9 - 11, 2015, National Education Week will bring together ground-breaking education companies, innovative school and university leaders, education policymakers, non-profits and foundations and a rapidly growing education-focused venture fund and private equity community... ]]> Monday, July 20, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/national-education-week-opens-for-registration.html CEFPI Announces 2015 James D. MacConnell Award Finalists http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/cefpi-announces-2015-james-d--macconnell-award-finalists.html CEFPI is pleased to announce the selection of the 2015 MacConnell Award finalists. The MacConnell Award recognizes a comprehensive planning process that results in educational facilities that enhance the educational program, meet multiple goals and hold purpose and distinction within a community. ]]> Monday, July 20, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/cefpi-announces-2015-james-d--macconnell-award-finalists.html Promethean Announces the 2015 Cann Award Winners http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/promethean-announces-the-2015-cann-award-winners.html Promethean is pleased to announce the winners of The 2015 Cann Awards. Established in honor of Promethean's founder Tony Cann, The Cann Awards honor the best in teaching from around the world, celebrating exceptional teachers and their contributions to society. ]]> Monday, July 13, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/promethean-announces-the-2015-cann-award-winners.html The Ocean Trash Write-Away: Short Fiction Contest http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/the-ocean-trash-write-away--short-fiction-contest.html The new advocacy group Sapiens Plurum has joined forces with Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination (CSI), Ocean Conservancy and the Talk Like a Pirate (TLAP) folks to test this idea with a short fiction “write-away” contest. Today, they challenged young people and their teachers, around the globe, to dream of heroes who could combat the dilemma of ocean trash that pervades every major sea on Earth. ]]> Monday, July 13, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/the-ocean-trash-write-away--short-fiction-contest.html EDspaces Grant Program Helps Schools Achieve Peak Performance http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/edspaces-grant-program-helps-schools-achieve-peak-performance.html The Education Market Association (EDmarket) is pleased to announce that 118 purchasing officials from 16 university and community colleges and 102 school districts with a total of just over $13 billion in planned renovation and construction were approved for 2015 Educational Facility Improvement Grants. ]]> Saturday, July 11, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/edspaces-grant-program-helps-schools-achieve-peak-performance.html Tech & Learning Announces Best of Show Winners http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/tech---learning-announces-best-of-show-winners.html For the second year, Tech & Learning is presenting its prestigious awards program that honors great products at ISTE 2015. The products below were selected by an anonymous panel of educator judges, who scoured the exhibit hall floor during the conference in Philadelphia. ]]> Wednesday, July 01, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/tech---learning-announces-best-of-show-winners.html ECS Celebrates 50th Anniversary and Unveils New Branding http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/ecs-celebrates-50th-anniversary-and-unveils-new-branding.html The Education Commission of the States is celebrating its 50th anniversary at the 2015 National Forum on Education Policy this week in Denver. The organization is also excited to unveil a new brand identity at the National Forum. The new branding reflects ECS as a partner to state policymakers by providing personalized support and opportunities... ]]> Monday, June 29, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/ecs-celebrates-50th-anniversary-and-unveils-new-branding.html Girls Thinking Global To Discuss Empowering Adolescent Girls through Online Collaboration http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/girls-thinking-global-to-discuss-empowering-adolescent-girls-through-online-collaboration.html Girls Thinking Global, an organization which connects nonprofits dedicated to supporting adolescent girls and women, will host a panel at ISTE 2015 to discuss the way we can support organizations that are dedicated to shaping the future of girls across the world. ]]> Thursday, June 25, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/girls-thinking-global-to-discuss-empowering-adolescent-girls-through-online-collaboration.html Discovery Education and 3M Announce National Finalists http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/discovery-education-and-3m-announce-national-finalists.html Discovery Education and 3M have announced that 10 students from across the country have been named finalists in the 2015 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge for their use of scientific thinking and imagination to dream up a solution to an everyday problem that could ultimately reshape the way we live our lives. ]]> Saturday, June 20, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/discovery-education-and-3m-announce-national-finalists.html Tech & Learning Celebrates 35th Anniversary http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/tech---learning-celebrates-35th-anniversary.html Tech & Learning (T&L), published by NewBay Media, is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year with a series of high-profile events and magazines designed to tackle today's issues while recognizing T&L's three-plus decades of covering and analyzing the industry. Notable happenings include the release of the popular "Most Influential List",... ]]> Saturday, June 20, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/tech---learning-celebrates-35th-anniversary.html City Year Receives $2.5 Million Grant http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/city-year-receives--2-5-million-grant.html City Year, an education-focused nonprofit organization that helps students to stay in school and on track to graduation, announced today that it will standardize and scale its After-School middle school program with the support of a three-year $2.5 million grant from the New York Life Foundation. ]]> Tuesday, June 16, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/city-year-receives--2-5-million-grant.html EPS Literacy and Intervention Honors 2015 Academy Star Award Winners http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/eps-literacy-and-intervention-honors-2015-academy-star-award-winners.html EPS Literacy and Intervention, a division of School Specialty, Inc., announced the winners of its 2015 Academy Star Awards, honoring students who have overcome significant challenges to improve their reading and math skills. The Academy Star Awards also recognize dedicated teachers who work every day to provide their students with the opportunity to achieve academic mastery. ]]> Tuesday, June 09, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/eps-literacy-and-intervention-honors-2015-academy-star-award-winners.html Flipped Learning Network Opens Registration for Virtual FlipCon 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/flipped-learning-network-opens-registration-for-virtual-flipcon-2015.html To enhance the experience for attendees and make flipped learning resources more accessible for educators across the United States and worldwide, the Flipped Learning Network™ will hold its 8th Annual Flipped Conference (FlipCon 2015) virtually July 14-15 and onsite July 13-15 in East Lansing, Michigan. ]]> Tuesday, June 09, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/flipped-learning-network-opens-registration-for-virtual-flipcon-2015.html 2015 "Legends in Literacy" Recipients Chosen http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/2015--legends-in-literacy--recipients-chosen.html myON is thrilled to announce the winners of its 2nd annual "Legends in Literacy" Awards. Staying true to their mission of fostering a lifelong love of reading in all students, the partnership launched this awards program in 2014 to highlight the outstanding work being done by educators across the country around literacy. ]]> Tuesday, June 09, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/announcements/2015--legends-in-literacy--recipients-chosen.html