EdNET Insight - From the Editor http://www.ednetinsight.com en-us http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss Central by Imulus (http://imulus.com) info@ednetinsight.com Mode Effect on PARCC Tests http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/mode-effect-on-parcc-tests.html <i>Education Week</i> ran a major article this week reporting that students who took the PARCC assessment last school year on the computer tended to score lower than those who took the paper-and- pencil form of the test. While the numbers are not yet available across the states in the consortium, a PARCC spokesperson acknowledged that the pattern exists, on average. The pattern was most pronounced in English/language arts and middle- and upper-grades math. The Smarter Balanced consortium is still investigating if any such problems exist among their test takers. <p> It seems fairly obvious that lack of familiarity with computers added to the challenges that students faced as they worked their way through the PARCC test. Students who did not know their way around the computer may have found dragging and dropping, highlighting or scrolling back through text to find the required supporting evidence more difficult than test designers anticipated. Navigating the computer may have slowed then down or just frustrated them. ]]> Friday, February 05, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/mode-effect-on-parcc-tests.html State of the States, Slow Funding Recovery http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/state-of-the-states--slow-funding-recovery.html It's State of the State season. We're roughly half way through the season, with the last State of the State speech - from Pennsylvania's Governor Wolf - scheduled for February 9. These speeches set out the governor's goals for the coming year and often provide high-level descriptions of new programs and initiatives. They also provide a good overview of the state's current economic outlook. As I've said before, companies with significant business interests in a particular state or group of states should be sure to read or listen to the relevant speeches. The National Governor's Association <a href='http://www.nga.org/cms/home/special/col2-content/2016-state-of-the-state-dates.html">maintains a page</a href> with confirmed dates and hyperlinks for governors' State of the State addresses. <i>Education Week</i> also publishes <a href="http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2016/01/27/states-of-the-states-calif-colo-mich.html?qs=State+of+the+State+addresses">education-focused summaries</a href> of the annual governor's addresses. ]]> Friday, January 29, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/state-of-the-states--slow-funding-recovery.html ESSA Regulatory Process Begins, New Privacy Legislation http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/essa-regulatory-process-begins--new-privacy-legislation.html First, an update on the rule-making process for the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The Department of Education is wrapping up the gathering public input stage of its efforts to move forward on developing ESSA regulations. In December, the Department published a Request for Information seeking advice and recommendations for Title I regulations under ESSA. That public comment period closed on January 21. The Department also held two public meetings seeking input, one In Washington, DC on January 11 and one in Los Angeles on January 19. A <a href="http://edstream.ed.gov/webcast/Play/7592f68fb7404eedb2b89ea72032188c1d">recording of the Jan 11 event</a href> is available on the Department's <a href="http://www.ed.gov/essa">ESSA web page</a href>, which is a one-stop source for all things ESSA. ]]> Friday, January 22, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/essa-regulatory-process-begins--new-privacy-legislation.html EdNET Advisory Board, State of the Market Report http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/ednet-advisory-board--state-of-the-market-report.html Several news items from MDR this week. We are excited to announce the members of the EdNET 2016 Conference Advisory Board. For most of its history, the EdNET Conference has been shaped by the Advisory Board – a panel of industry executives who help us identify education market trends and the challenges and opportunities that the education industry is facing and provide input on programming and conference formats and activities. <p> EdNET Conference Manager Vicki Smith Bigham works hard to put together a board that represents different education market segments, job titles, experience levels, and familiarity with EdNET. I heard a lot about the quality of the programming at EdNET 2015. That kind of quality starts with the Advisory Board and grows as Vicki works at finding the right people to flesh out the EdNET vision, from keynoters to panel moderators. For EdNET 2016, we plan to use our social channels and other outreach to involve the broader EdNET community in refining potential session topics, identifying speakers and suggesting program innovations. Get ready to contribute your ideas. ]]> Friday, January 15, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/ednet-advisory-board--state-of-the-market-report.html Quality Counts, Eduventures' 2016 Higher Ed Predictions http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/quality-counts--eduventures--2016-higher-ed-predictions.html I can't believe that we are already a full week into the New Year. I think 2016 may fly by even faster than 2015 did. I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season, with time for family and fun and some quiet time for rest and reflection. May 2016 bring everything you are hoping for and more. <br><br> <i>Education Week</i> released the 20th edition of Quality Counts this week. This year's report focuses on accountability, examining how state and federal policies are" transforming the assessment of school performance and reshaping the consequences for poor results." Acknowledging the anniversary, the report looks at look at highlights and milestones from the past 20 years and includes a new original analysis of national and state achievement trends on the National Assessment of Educational Progress during the multiyear period NCLB period. ]]> Friday, January 08, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/quality-counts--eduventures--2016-higher-ed-predictions.html From the Editor http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/from-the-editor-2015-12-23.html Happy Holidays, friends! Whatever holidays you are celebrating, we wish you a joyous time with your friends and family. We’re grateful to have had so many valuable contributions to the News Alert from our friends and industry colleagues throughout 2015! This week’s special edition of the News Alert highlights the most read articles from this year to give you another chance at catching up on them. The highlighted collection below presents the articles that received the most pageviews. Enjoy! We’ll see you back here on Friday, January 8, and we wish you and yours a very happy holiday. ]]> Wednesday, December 23, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/from-the-editor-2015-12-23.html EDNET 365, Procurement, FY16 Omnibus Appropriation http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/ednet-365--procurement--fy16-omnibus-appropriation.html If you've not had the opportunity to visit <a href="http://schooldata.com/landing_page/ednet365-districts/">EdNET 365</a href>, you're missing out on a major resource. Created by our talented conference team, EdNET 365 offers the opportunity to take a deeper dive into the many topics covered at EdNET 2015 with videos, session recaps, infographics, polls, and resources designed to keep the EdNET Conference experience alive throughout the year. If you've never been to EdNET or missed this year's conference, it's a great way to get a taste for what the conference experience is like. It's also an easy place to join one (or more) of the EdNET social communities. As EdNET 365 evolves over the year, we hope to use it to gather ideas and input for EdNET 2016. ]]> Friday, December 18, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/ednet-365--procurement--fy16-omnibus-appropriation.html ESEA Finally Reauthorized, Industry Award Programs http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/esea-finally-reauthorized--industry-award-programs.html Seven years late and after a series of incredible twist and turns, No Child Left Behind was laid to rest as the ESEA reauthorization become a reality. On Thursday, President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act, calling the new legislation a "Christmas miracle," a reference to its wide bipartisan support. The bill had moved swiftly through the Senate on Wednesday where it passed on a vote of 85 to 12. <p>The Continuing Resolution that is funding the federal government in the absence of a FY 2016 budget expires today, December 11. It now looks like Congress is giving itself another week (pending House action), until December 16, to hammer out a final two-year omnibus package that would avoid a major budget battle in the 2016 election cycle and leave new budget negotiation in the hands of a new administration. If we get a comprehensive omnibus, it will be interesting to see how Congress allocates the additional $33 billion in spending that this year's Bipartisan Budget Act authorized.</p> ]]> Friday, December 11, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/esea-finally-reauthorized--industry-award-programs.html ESEA Reauthorization Nears, EFF Goes after Google on Privacy http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/esea-reauthorization-nears--eff-goes-after-google-on-privacy.html It's now almost a certainty that we will see No Child Left Behind reauthorized this year or early in the new year. On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed the Every Student Succeeds Act on a vote of 359 to 64. That's quite a change from the grudging passage of the House's original version of the bill - the Student Success Act - back in July, when it squeaked through on a purely partisan vote of 218-216. Though a number of House conservatives were still not satisfied with the bill, most members seem to believe that the compromises made by the Conference Committee resulted in a more balanced bill acceptable on both sides of the aisle. The Senate is expected to consider the bill next week and passage should be easy. Then all that's needed is President Obama's signature. ]]> Friday, December 04, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/esea-reauthorization-nears--eff-goes-after-google-on-privacy.html ESEA Reauthorization Moves Forward http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/esea-reauthorization-moves-forward.html The Every Student Succeeds Act - the long-awaited reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act - passed out of its conference committee on Thursday on a 39 - 1 vote. It remains to be seen if the bipartisan atmosphere of the Conference will carry over into the House and Senate passage votes, which will take place after Thanksgiving. The Senate seems likely to pass the bill fairly easily. Getting House approval for the bill could be trickier. The White House has not made its position known. ]]> Friday, November 20, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/esea-reauthorization-moves-forward.html Redesiging High School http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/redesiging-high-school.html The President hosted the first-ever White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools this week. The event featured the now familiar combinations of a small, tightly targeted federal effort supported by significant commitments from the private sector. The Department of Education will announce its intention to award over $20 million in Investing in Innovation (i3) grants to support the reform and redesign of high schools that serve low-income students. This application cycle will mark the first time that i3 has a specific focus on high school redesign. The Department also announced details on two new Career & Technical Education prizes: The EdSIM Challenge and the CTE Makeover Challenge. ]]> Friday, November 13, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/redesiging-high-school.html Too Much Testing? http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/too-much-testing-.html We are very pleased to introduce a new quarterly feature this week, focused on the business side of the industry. Baran Rosen, President of Whitestone Communications, will be sharing his insights on merger and acquisition activity in the education market. Whitestone Communications maintains an extensive database on M&A activity in the Internet, information, publishing, and training fields, which forms the basis for the firm’s annual Who’s Buying Whom publication. If you’re interested in seeing the monthly reports that Baran is drawing on for his analysis, visit the Whitestone website and sign up for a <a href="http://www.whitestonecommunications.com/knowledge/monthly_updates.php">free subscription</a>. <P> I know everyone has seen the President's initiative to cut down on the amount of time American students spend getting tested. While most of us agree with the sentiment, there really is little the administration and Department of Education can do to effect this change. ]]> Friday, November 06, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/too-much-testing-.html Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, #GoOpen http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/bipartisan-budget-act-of-2015---goopen.html It appears that the possibility of the U.S. government defaulting on its debt or shutting down has been averted, thanks to a last minute deal involving Congressional leaders and the White House, negotiated by departing Speaker John Boehner. The House voted on Wednesday to approve a two-year deal that extends the debt limit through March 2017, provides sequester relief by increasing domestic and military spending by $80 billion and sets clear spending targets for the next two years, through September 2017. The Senate is expected to act on the bill next week. <p>The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 passed by a vote of 266-167. All House Democrats voted for the measure, joined by 79 Republicans. Conservatives complaints about the spending increase were moderated somewhat by ensuring that the increases are fully paid for using a combination of tax and policy changes. Nevertheless, most House Republicans voted against the bill.</p> ]]> Friday, October 30, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/bipartisan-budget-act-of-2015---goopen.html White House Astronomy Night: OER http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/white-house-astronomy-night--oer.html On Monday, a group of students, teachers and scientists spent the evening stargazing at the White House. President Obama hosted the second White House Astronomy Night, held on the South Lawn on what proved to be a cool but clear night. The night's activities were designed to inspire more girls and boys with the wonder of science and space and increase opportunities for all Americans to develop careers in science, technology, and innovation-driven disciplines. In a now familiar pattern when promoting initiatives for which there is no legislation or federal funding, the President used the occasion to announce a variety of new commitments, by cities and organizations all over the country, to expose even more students and their parents to STEM education. ]]> Friday, October 23, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/white-house-astronomy-night--oer.html Congratulations on Another Great EdNET! http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/congratulations-on-another-great-ednet-.html Congratulations on another great EdNET! I’ve seen so much about the content and networking on our social channels, and many of you have reached out to me personally to share what a wonderful experience it was. <p>I am sorry to have missed this year, but I am looking forward to reporting back on the buzz from Atlanta very soon, so stay tuned!</p> ]]> Friday, October 16, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/congratulations-on-another-great-ednet-.html Librarians Are Key http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/librarians-are-key.html I am so looking forward to EdNET this year. It will be wonderful to reconnect with long-time friends and industry colleagues as well as to meet new people and learn about new organizations who working on education solutions. Safe travels everyone. See you in Atlanta. <P> I was at an event at the local grade school this week that reminded me about what a gift a good librarian is to a school's teachers and students. I think we sometimes forget about the amazing things that librarians/media center specialists do to support learning at their schools. Librarians are at the heart of the school information network. They know a lot about what's going on in individual classrooms. They distribute catalogs with personal notes pointing out resources just right for the next unit a teacher is planning. They forward e-mails to the "right" people and introduce teachers to new products of all sorts. The library is often home to the school's maker space.</p> ]]> Friday, October 02, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/librarians-are-key.html 2015 E-Rate Analysis http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/2015-e-rate-analysis.html Funds for Learning has published its <a href="https://fundsforlearning.app.box.com/s/qg5vca157u1s6mw4kz31s1fnuz1esuk9" target="_blank"> analysis</a href> of funding request data for E-Rate funding year 2015. In FY2015, there were 27,132 applicants for E-Rate funding. They requested a total of $3.92 billion. Category 1 requests (Internet access, leased data lines and phone service) totaled $2.25 billion. Category 2 requests (purchase, maintenance or operation of on-site networks) totaled $1.67 billion. <p>Of the 27,132 applicants, 91% submitted funding requests for voice telephony services, 81% for Internet access and data lines, and 39% for Category 2 services (e.g. Wi-Fi and other internal connections). Category 2 demand was greatest for switches and routers, Wi-Fi equipment and data cabling.</p> ]]> Friday, September 25, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/2015-e-rate-analysis.html Analyzing Classroom Assignments http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/analyzing-classroom-assignments.html The U.S. Department of Education has hired its first ever open education adviser to lead a national effort that, in the Department's words, "will expand schools' access to high-quality, openly-licensed learning resources." Andrew Marcinek will work in the Office of Educational Technology reporting to OET's director, Richard Culatta. Marcinek will be responsible for helping both K-12 and higher education connect with teaching, learning and research resources that are freely available to anyone over the web. Though the Department has long been a champion of OER, actually hiring someone to promote OER comes as something of a surprise, at least to me. <p> Now that PARCC has set (and released) the cut scores for its English/language arts and math tests in grades 3-8 (high school scores were set earlier), states are beginning to report results. <a href="http://www.isbe.net/assessment/pdfs/parcc/parcc-prelim-state-lvl-results.pdf" target="_blank">Illinois</a href> and <a href="http://education.ohio.gov/getattachment/78211ac4-37d4-4ecf-9fba-61fd69bc2ef2/performancelevels.pdf.aspx" target="_blank">Ohio</a href> have released preliminary test score reports.</p> ]]> Friday, September 18, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/analyzing-classroom-assignments.html TNTP Report on Teacher Development http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/tntp-report-on-teacher-development.html I've revisited <a href="http://tntp.org/assets/documents/TNTP-Mirage_2015.pdf" target="_blank">"The Mirage"</a href> report from TNTP on teacher development several times, trying to decide what I want to say about it. You will remember that it was released last month and many of the headlines about the report went something like this: "Time and Money Spent on Professional Development Is Largely Wasted." TNTP studied teacher development in three large school districts and one charter school network. Rather than examining a specific type of professional development to determine its effectiveness, TNTP worked backwards, first identifying teachers who had improved significantly over a two-year period and then looking for development experiences they had in common. Researchers used a broad definition of "professional development" to include efforts carried out by districts, schools and teachers themselves. ]]> Friday, September 11, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/tntp-report-on-teacher-development.html Connected Educator Month and more... http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/connected-educator-month-and-more---.html Just a few things that readers may want to know about: <p> October is Connected Educator Month, the fourth annual celebration of professional collaboration, designed to help more educators get proficient with social media. It's not too late to get your message in front of participating educators. <p> Applications are now open for the Software and Education Industry Association's 2015 Innovation Incubator Program. SIIA is looking for early-revenue stage ed tech companies with products or services that are innovative and unlike any others on the market. <p> The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium is taking a number of steps to ensure a better testing experience for its member states in 2015-16, including an outside evaluation of the quality and performance of its open source test-delivery platform. <p> The FCC is making progress on bringing broadband to rural America. This week, the FCC announced that with the exception of Verizon, the price cap carriers accepted 95% of their Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II allocations. ]]> Friday, September 04, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/from-the-editor/connected-educator-month-and-more---.html