EdNET Insight - Technology Headlines http://www.ednetinsight.com en-us http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss Central by Imulus (http://imulus.com) info@ednetinsight.com Motivis Learning Teams Up with Learnosity http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/motivis-learning-teams-up-with-learnosity.html Motivis Learning, a cutting-edge learning platform, has announced that it is to join forces with award-winning edtech company Learnosity to deliver more effective competency-based skills assessments. The partnership aims to address the growing need for effective personalized learning solutions as employers increasingly hire candidates based on demonstrated mastery of core competencies rather than on academic credentials alone. ]]> Wednesday, July 19, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/motivis-learning-teams-up-with-learnosity.html Dremel Unveils DigiLab Product Suite http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/dremel-unveils-digilab-product-suite.html Educators and learners in today’s technological landscape need tools that smoothly facilitate the connection between digital ideation and physical building. Dremel, the manufacturer of tools for life and learning, announces the Dremel DigiLab 3D45 printer to accompany its suite of digital fabrication tools. ]]> Wednesday, July 19, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/dremel-unveils-digilab-product-suite.html TabPilot Releases Self-Service App Installation http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/tabpilot-releases-self-service-app-installation.html Today TabPilot releases an update to its education-centric mobile device management system that offers self-service options for both teachers and students. With the release of TabPilot 6.4, TabPilot shows how MDM features can be customized to meet the specific needs of schools. While self-service app installations are not new to MDM systems in general, the school-specific approach in TabPilot is unique. ]]> Wednesday, July 19, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/tabpilot-releases-self-service-app-installation.html ClassDojo's All New "Student Stories" http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/classdojo-s-all-new--student-stories-.html ClassDojo announced an update to Student Stories: student-led, digital portfolios for the classroom. Student Stories is part of Stories on ClassDojo: an instantly updated stream of pictures, videos and messages from the classroom and school that helps parents stay connected to everything their child is learning. ]]> Tuesday, July 18, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/classdojo-s-all-new--student-stories-.html Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools To Incorporate PASCO Technology http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/charlotte-mecklenburg-schools-to-incorporate-pasco-technology.html After rolling out the Essential Physics blended learning program in 19 high schools in 2016-17, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) will expand its use of technology-based solutions for hands-on science with the addition of Wireless Sensors, SPARKvue® data collection and analysis software, and Teacher Guides from PASCO® Scientific. ]]> Tuesday, July 11, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/charlotte-mecklenburg-schools-to-incorporate-pasco-technology.html West Launches SchoolMessenger Accessibility Resource Center http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/west-launches-schoolmessenger-accessibility-resource-center.html West Corporation, a global provider of communication and network infrastructure services, announced the launch of the expanded SchoolMessenger Accessibility Resource Center, a web-based collection of materials and tools designed to help school districts improve their understanding of the issues around web accessibility, and to help them improve the accessibility of their schools' websites. ]]> Tuesday, July 11, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/west-launches-schoolmessenger-accessibility-resource-center.html GA Girls STEM Collaborative Gains Boxlight as its Convening Agency http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/ga-girls-stem-collaborative-gains-boxlight-as-its-convening-agency.html The Georgia Girls STEM Collaborative is a statewide network of professionals, researchers and practitioners focused on expanding and strengthening STEM-related career opportunities for girls. Boxlight will be responsible for encouraging collaboration and improving inter-program communication among these various organizations and individuals, ]]> Monday, July 10, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/ga-girls-stem-collaborative-gains-boxlight-as-its-convening-agency.html IntelliVOL, Parchmen Partner on Transcript Services http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/intellivol--parchmen-partner-on--transcript-services.html IntelliVOL and Parchment, which has helped millions of people and thousands of schools and universities exchange more than 30 million academic transcripts and other credentials, today announced a partnership that will greatly expand the admissions application resources available to both students and colleges. ]]> Monday, July 10, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/intellivol--parchmen-partner-on--transcript-services.html Sci-Voice Talking LabQuest 2 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/sci-voice-talking-labquest-2.html Independence Science recently launched the Sci-Voice Talking LabQuest 2 to help blind and low-vision students independently complete data-collection investigations during STEM labs. By integrating text-to-speech assistive technology with Vernier Software & Technology's LabQuest 2 hardware device, the Sci-Voice Talking LabQuest 2 speaks real-time data results to students. ]]> Monday, July 10, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/sci-voice-talking-labquest-2.html edWeb.net and Learning.com Launch PLC http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/edweb-net-and-learning-com-launch-plc-7-10-2017.html edWeb.net and Learning.com have started a new, free professional learning community geared toward helping educators prepare students with the skills they need to excel in today's increasingly digital world. By 2020, it is estimated that nearly 80% of jobs will require some level of technology proficiency. ]]> Monday, July 10, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/edweb-net-and-learning-com-launch-plc-7-10-2017.html CodeMonkey's Game Builder Platform http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/codemonkey-s-game-builder-platform.html CodeMonkey, a leading game-based learning platform for teaching students code, launches the Game Builder platform as an additional feature to the series of basic coding courses. The Game Builder is geared to advance students from learning code literacy to become digital creators by building and designing their own online games. ]]> Sunday, July 02, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/codemonkey-s-game-builder-platform.html Special Two-Day Educational Drone Workshop http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/special-two-day-educational-drone-workshop.html PCS Edventures!.com, Inc. took its first step towards the creation of the Scholastic Drone Racing League with the completion of the Idaho Drone Institute. As a component of a statewide grant funded by the Idaho STEM Action Center, the Idaho Drone Institute brought together 22 Idaho schools and libraries and visitors from California and Texas for an educational drone workshop. ]]> Sunday, July 02, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/special-two-day-educational-drone-workshop.html MakerBot and Autodesk Tinkercad Connect http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/makerbot-and-autodesk-tinkercad-connect.html MakerBot and Autodesk Tinkercad announced a new connection between Tinkercad, the widely used entry-level 3D design software in education – and MakerBot, the largest connected 3D printing solution for educators. This new collaboration between MakerBot and Autodesk marks the first step in a growing commitment to embed powerful modeling software and 3D printing into the same seamless workflow. ]]> Sunday, July 02, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/makerbot-and-autodesk-tinkercad-connect.html SMART Technologies and Tes Announce Online Hub http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/smart-technologies-and-tes-announce-online-hub.html SMART Technologies is partnering with Tes to launch an online space that gives educators and education leaders tools and ideas for inspiring greatness and improving learning outcomes. The Inspiring Greatness hub brings together leading voices in education to give schools actionable insight on how to meet the challenge of unlocking student potential, and developing the unique greatness in every learner. ]]> Saturday, July 01, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/smart-technologies-and-tes-announce-online-hub.html Workbench Builds Online Communities for Tech Companies http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/workbench-builds-online-communities-for-tech-companies.html Workbench has added partners Dremel, Pai Technology and Robolink to create online communities where makers, fans, students and educators can access projects that use 3D printers, robots and drones. The partnerships are part of Workbench's ongoing work to connect students, educators, makers and edtech companies. The Workbench platform provides access to hands-on, project-based learning... ]]> Saturday, July 01, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/workbench-builds-online-communities-for-tech-companies.html Future Engineers Receives DOE Grant To Expand Tools for K-12 Engineering Education http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/future-engineers-receives-doe-grant-to-expand-tools-for-k-12-engineering-education.html Future Engineers is proud to announce that they are the recipients of a two-year award from the US Department of Education’s Small Business Innovation Research (ED/IES SBIR) program, operated out of the Institute of Education Sciences. The grant will fund the development of an online hub for engineering design challenges and curricula, specifically for students and teachers in K-12 classrooms. ]]> Saturday, July 01, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/future-engineers-receives-doe-grant-to-expand-tools-for-k-12-engineering-education.html Extreme Networks Releases New Software http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/extreme-networks-releases-new-software.html To provide granular control over the network, Extreme Networks, Inc. ("Extreme") (NASDAQ: EXTR) today announced enhancements to its Extreme Management Center™ at ISTE 2017. Extreme Management Center 8.0 (EMC 8.0) offers improved management capabilities that makes student and device onboarding easy, while enforcing security settings to protect private student information. ]]> Saturday, July 01, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/extreme-networks-releases-new-software.html MakerBot Brings Cloud-based 3D Printing to Chromebook Classrooms http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/makerbot-brings-cloud-based-3d-printing-to-chromebook-classrooms.html MakerBot is pleased to announce that with the new in-browser My MakerBot platform, you can start 3D prints and monitor your 3D printers all from your classroom’s Google Chromebooks. By offering educators seamless cloud-based 3D printing with My MakerBot, we’re setting new standards in ease-of-use and open access. ]]> Saturday, July 01, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/makerbot-brings-cloud-based-3d-printing-to-chromebook-classrooms.html Dremel Partners with Workbench http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/dremel-partners-with-workbench.html To enable the sharing of new ways to teach and learn, Dremel, the trusted manufacturer of tools for life and learning, partners with Workbench, the comprehensive sharing platform for project-based learning. The collaboration broadens access to Dremel’s suite of digital learning tools and professional resources by connecting students and educators to the Workbench community. ]]> Tuesday, June 27, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/dremel-partners-with-workbench.html Epson Expands Laser Projector Portfolio http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/epson-expands-laser-projector-portfolio-6-26-2017.html Epson continues to drive the laser-phosphor market forward with the introduction of several new display solutions for the rental and staging, corporate, education, and installation markets. The BrightLink® Pro 1470Ui, BrightLink 710Ui and PowerLite® 700U ultra short-throw laser displays and the latest Pro L-Series projectors leverage Epson's proprietary 3LCD technology and integrated laser light source to deliver spectacular image quality, durability and reliability. ]]> Monday, June 26, 2017 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/technology-headlines/epson-expands-laser-projector-portfolio-6-26-2017.html