EdNET Insight - Voice from the Industry http://www.ednetinsight.com en-us http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss Central by Imulus (http://imulus.com) info@ednetinsight.com Tackling Extremism in the Digital Learning Environment http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/tackling-extremism-in-the-digital-learning-environment.html The Internet is an important and empowering tool for schools and students alike. While its advantages are undisputed, its risks are diverse, changing, and often unknown. It's entirely possible, with innocent intentions, to stumble across damaging, exploitative, or extreme content. How do we address online risks such as extremism and radicalization? <br><br> <ol><li>What is meant by extremism <li>Tackling the problem in schools <li>Safeguarding students through monitoring ]]> Friday, July 22, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/tackling-extremism-in-the-digital-learning-environment.html A Data-Driven Education Market Requires Data-Driven Hiring Decisions http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/a-data-driven-education-market-requires-data-driven-hiring-decisions.html We have all seen how data-driven learning is changing education. When we polled many of our partners (and prospective partners) to ask how hiring practices have changed with the market to utilize data, we were surprised to hear that very few of our partners have clear answers as to how they collect and use data to make hiring decisions. If data is king in the education space, why do education companies fail to use data in their hiring practices? <ol><li> Companies do not know what data they should measure. </li><li>Companies do not know how to measure data meaningfully. </li> ]]> Friday, June 24, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/a-data-driven-education-market-requires-data-driven-hiring-decisions.html What I Wish I Learned in High School http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/what-i-wish-i-learned-in-high-school.html It's tough to be a young adult today. Research tells us that "too few high school graduates are prepared to succeed in post-secondary education, the military, and careers." So what characteristics should a successful program for these young adults include?<br> <ol><li>Experiential learning associated with relevant topics <li>Required collaboration and working with others <li>Easy access to information - mobile-friendly digital and print resources <li>Affordability</li></ol> ]]> Friday, June 10, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/what-i-wish-i-learned-in-high-school.html Where's Statewide Testing Going? http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/where-s-statewide-testing-going-.html The past 15 years have seen a lot of changes in statewide accountability testing. Now with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), what can we expect to see? <ul><li>More autonomy for states</li> <li>State interim assessments used for accountability</li> <li>Increased use of the SATs and ACTs</li> <li>Increased use of technology</li></ul> And what can we hope for?<br><br> <ul><li>Briefer end-of-year, summative state assessment components</li> <li>Curriculum-embedded performance assessments</li></ul> ]]> Friday, May 27, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/where-s-statewide-testing-going-.html Employment Branding: Never a Second Chance to Make a First Impression http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/employment-branding--never-a-second-chance-to-make-a-first-impression.html How an organization treats prospective candidates throughout the interview process is critical to its company brand. To roll out a white glove candidate interview experience: <ul><li>Arrive on time to your interviews.</li> <li>Your time is short-PREPARE accordingly.</li> <li>Construct an effective interview team.</li> <li>Be courteous.</li> <li>Sell yourself...sell your company!</li> <li>Reserve time for questions.</li> <li>Partner closely with recruiting.</li> <li>Keep your candidates engaged.</li></uL> ]]> Friday, May 13, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/employment-branding--never-a-second-chance-to-make-a-first-impression.html Great Teaching is at the Heart of Learning (Here is the Science to Prove It) http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/great-teaching-is-at-the-heart-of-learning--here-is-the-science-to-prove-it-.html Anyone who has ever stood up in front of a classroom hoping that their curriculum is engaging, that they are connecting with students, and that their students are learning can tell you: Great teaching is not easy, and it doesn't happen overnight, nor does it happen by magic.<p> How are great teachers applying the science of learning? And how can we apply learning sciences research findings to the real world? ]]> Friday, May 06, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/great-teaching-is-at-the-heart-of-learning--here-is-the-science-to-prove-it-.html Breaking Barriers: When Students Own the Assessment and Commenting Piece of the Writing Process http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/breaking-barriers--when-students-own-the-assessment-and-commenting-piece-of-the-writing-process.html Every step of writing an essay can be intimidating. I work with writing teachers who spend a lot of time thinking about how to make this process easier. Together, we tackle the questions of: How do you get students to look up and re-read? How do you break down that barrier? We think the answer lies in somehow getting students to take more ownership over their writing so that their teachers are not the only ones who keep the conversation going. There are some approaches that educators (and learners) can take in regards to this.<p> <ul><li>Teachers can save time for themselves by limiting feedback to a few, prioritized comments.</li> <li>Teachers should encourage students to share their writing with others in addition to their teachers.</li></ul> ]]> Friday, April 29, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/breaking-barriers--when-students-own-the-assessment-and-commenting-piece-of-the-writing-process.html The Importance of Creating Digital Resources Supporting Formative Assessment as a Process http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/the-importance-of-creating-digital-resources-supporting-formative-assessment-as-a-process.html Those of us creating products and services empowering educators to support higher student achievement need to find new ways to help educators integrate formative assessment as a process into teaching and learning. Specifically, as we design and build the next generation of digital resources, a priority must be placed on including in those resources dynamic new tools that help educators integrate formative assessment as a process into classroom instruction. And while it is important that publishers design and build tools and resources integrating formative assessment directly into the next generation of instructional materials, we also need to offer the customized, sustained, job-embedded professional development educators need to understand formative assessment as a process and integrate it into instruction. ]]> Friday, April 15, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/the-importance-of-creating-digital-resources-supporting-formative-assessment-as-a-process.html How Can You Show That Your Education Products Are Research-Based? http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/how-can-you-show-that-your-education-products-are-research-based-.html PreK-12 decision-makers require evidence that the instructional products they purchase have a positive impact on student learning. Large education companies often sponsor efficacy research to demonstrate that a product has a direct impact on student achievement. But most companies can't afford this or can't wait for results of a yearlong study. Instead, they develop a research foundations white paper (RFWP) to show that the instructional methods and approaches incorporated into the product are research-based. This is now an essential tool in successfully marketing to school district decision-makers across the U.S. What does an RFWP look like, and how can it be used? ]]> Friday, April 08, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/how-can-you-show-that-your-education-products-are-research-based-.html To Boldly Go Where No Educator Has Gone Before… http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/to-boldly-go-where-no-educator-has-gone-before-.html Fans of the original Star Trek series began what has become a common tradition in today’s society, the blurring of lines between pop culture and real life. In doing so, the metatextuality of Star Trek’s characters, plot lines, and famous quotations have found their way into many aspects of everyday life and, as a result, bring greater meaning and understanding to today’s issues at hand. Several years ago, I encountered a superintendent who had coined a new initiative as “The Next Generation.” I couldn’t resist the opportunity to play off that theme by comparing some of the various stakeholders to some of the characters. Here’s my take on how many stakeholders from Star Trek exist—or are perceived—by others. See if you recognize the Captain, the Borg, Klingons, Q, and others. ]]> Friday, April 01, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/to-boldly-go-where-no-educator-has-gone-before-.html Candidates Need to Address the Ed Tech Industry in the 2016 Election http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/candidates-need-to-address-the-ed-tech-industry-in-the-2016-election.html Since 2004, employment growth in the high-tech sector has grown at a pace three times faster than the private sector as a whole, according to the report commissioned by Engine Advocacy, a tech start-up lobbyist, and conducted by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute. Despite the unprecedented growth of the tech sector and, at the same time, a U.S. lag in education, none of the 2016 presidential candidates have delivered a clear stance when it comes to using technology in schools. Election season presents an important opportunity to push candidates to go on the record about where they stand on technology in schools. It is vital to know if they will prioritize this issue to help both educators and our children—our future workforce—to succeed in the world market. ]]> Friday, March 18, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/candidates-need-to-address-the-ed-tech-industry-in-the-2016-election.html A Deadline on the American Dream http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/a-deadline-on-the-american-dream.html An increased focus on high school graduation rates across the United States has raised the national graduation rate to an all-time high. But for tens of millions of working-age Americans the window of opportunity for earning a diploma has closed—and the window of economic opportunity for themselves and their families with it. At a micro level, there is a clear impact to the quality of life of individuals without a high school diploma. At a macro level, the numbers are staggering. Today, we pay dearly for the unintended consequences of setting a deadline on opportunity for our young people. But I have hope that we can change that. ]]> Friday, March 11, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/a-deadline-on-the-american-dream.html The True Cost of Enterprise Solutions: A guide to budgeting for your next student information or enterprise resource planning solution http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/the-true-cost-of-enterprise-solutions--a-guide-to-budgeting-for-your-next-student-information-or-enterprise-resource-planning-solution.html Hidden costs. If districts are not careful, hidden costs can be the difference between an enticing proposal and a financial disaster. Unless administrators know what to look for, it’s easy to fall for a bait-and-switch that has no easy way out. Consider key topics to be aware of when purchasing SIS and ERP solutions: <ul><li>The Technology</li> <li>The Pricing Model</li> <li>The Deployment Method</li> <li>The Implementation</li> <li>The Final Steps</li></ul> ]]> Friday, March 04, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/the-true-cost-of-enterprise-solutions--a-guide-to-budgeting-for-your-next-student-information-or-enterprise-resource-planning-solution.html Why eBooks Are Not the Silver Bullet http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/why-ebooks-are-not-the-silver-bullet.html Technology plays an important role in education, and the transition from print to digital content has been exciting to watch—and in which to participate—as it evolves. Just a few short years ago, publishers and education technology companies believed that eBooks and their ability to be accessed from popular electronic devices might solve a myriad of problems, including that of the disengaged, bored learner who we just couldn’t get to read. Educators scratched their collective heads and hoped for a solution, and finally, eBooks held promise. ]]> Friday, February 19, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/why-ebooks-are-not-the-silver-bullet.html Now Is the Time to Dive Into Career and Technical Education: <i>Major pathway for high-achieving students</i> http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/now-is-the-time-to-dive-into-career-and-technical-education---i-major-pathway-for-high-achieving-students--i-.html Beyond a buzz phrase, CTE is without a doubt growing as an innovative education pathway to career and postsecondary education success for students across the country. By providing students with the tools and information needed to be relevant and skilled workers in the 21st century, bridging education and industry standards and strengthening career opportunities for students, CTE plays a prominent role in securing economic viability for the nation. ]]> Friday, February 05, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/now-is-the-time-to-dive-into-career-and-technical-education---i-major-pathway-for-high-achieving-students--i-.html 16 Business and Hiring Tips for 2016: Advice for the Education and Technology Market http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/16-business-and-hiring-tips-for-2016--advice-for-the-education-and-technology-market.html 2016 will be another exciting and challenging year for education and technology companies looking to expand in the market. As the market continues to grow, it will also continue to be competitive. To help you have a successful 2016, check out these business growth and hiring tips. ]]> Friday, January 15, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/16-business-and-hiring-tips-for-2016--advice-for-the-education-and-technology-market.html How PR Kindles Your Sales Fire http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/how-pr-kindles-your-sales-fire.html Driving sales is like building a bonfire. If a sale is the fire, marketing is the wood…and PR is the kindling. If you’ve ever tried to start a bonfire with just a log and a match, you know that well-placed kindling is absolutely essential. <ol> <li>Personalize your message.</li> <li>Timing is everything.</li> <li>Become a partner, not just a provider.</li> ]]> Friday, January 08, 2016 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/how-pr-kindles-your-sales-fire.html EdMarketer 2016: Benchmarking Content Marketing @ EdCos http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/edmarketer-2016--benchmarking-content-marketing---edcos.html <p>One area where EdMarketer innovation appears to be outpacing excellence is in the realm of content marketing.</p> <ul> <li>Content marketing is a key net new leads source, but leads languish in funnels. <li>Content is too “salesy,” not segmented, and poor quality. <li>Even when they think they create great content, results underwhelm. <li>EdMarketers are not yet distribution experts. </UL> ]]> Friday, December 04, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/edmarketer-2016--benchmarking-content-marketing---edcos.html More Than Half of U.S. Public Schools Don’t Have Adequate Wireless Access http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/more-than-half-of-u-s--public-schools-don-t-have-adequate-wireless-access.html A crime is happening in our schools every day. And it’s not the type of crime that hall monitors or security cameras can solve. At issue: Only 39% of public schools have wireless network access for the whole school. But perhaps the greater offense—up to this point, at least—has been apathy. ]]> Friday, November 13, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/more-than-half-of-u-s--public-schools-don-t-have-adequate-wireless-access.html Third Quarter 2015 Education Market Deal Report http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/third-quarter-2015-education-market-deal-report.html The Third Quarter 2015 saw a continuation of the strong acquisition and investment pace in the education market despite the stock market gyrations in August and September. Private equity firms continue to be strongly enamored of the potential for technology in schools and are providing funding to companies at record valuations. <p>Read on for more insights on merger and acquisition activity in the education market in this new quarterly feature from Whitestone Communications. ]]> Friday, November 06, 2015 http://www.ednetinsight.com/news-alerts/voice-from-the-industry/third-quarter-2015-education-market-deal-report.html